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Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick Get Crushed By Giants - The Morning After


Morning campers, the morning after

You know the old saying "You know you're in trouble when...?" Well during yesterday's game I turned to MQ and said aloud "You know you're in trouble when the best tackler on your team is Asante Samuel."

Yeah, it was that kind of game...

Let's get to getting.

Twitter, for all its fantastic uses also, unfortunately, provides a platform for dopes, dolts and dumbasses to speak their mind, any time they want to anyone who wants to listen. Of course some may say I fall under the aforementioned Triple D grouping too... but I digress. 

On Saturday, New York Giants Punter... YES punter, Steve Weatherford fired out this Tweet, in preparing for the Giants/Eagles game...







Now, Lord knows I am no fan of his, but if Buddy Ryan were still head coach of the Eagles and this happened... Mr. Weatherford would've received the Luis Zendejas treatment the moment he stepped on to the field. And seeing the recent shelf life of Giants punters not named Feagles, Mr. Weatherford may want to hold off on ripping any opposing city for he may one need new gainful employment.

Did I mention he was the punter? Give me a break...

I fired of this Tweet right after the Giants scored to go up 14-0...









Now I am surely no Kreskin nor Nostradamus as any Eagles fan worth his/her weight in cheesesteaks could have made a similar prediction, but I'll be damned if once again, Big Red's team came up small on the big stage. Yes, I know it's only Game 3, but it was the Eagles' 1st division game as well as their home opener. So it was a big game kids, and the Eagles under Andy Reid came up small. Period.

If you're old enough to remember The Beverly Hillbillies - and if you're not, go buy the entire collection on DVD then come back to finishing reading this, you will remember that Jethro Bodine - arguably the most underrated supporting character in the history of sitcoms about families from Bug Tussle, TN - once made a bold career move to become a Double Naught Spy, much to the chagrin of Uncle Jed. 

I bring this up because I wonder if Giants, er Eagles wide receiver is now himself a Double Naught Spy or Double Agent and secretly still on the Giants payroll... 

Let's look at the evidence:

*He conveniently deflects a pass into the waiting arms of a Giants defender as the Eagles were marching toward a touchdown on their opening drive
*He later conveniently gets tackled one yard shy of a first down on a key 3rd down play in the 4th Quarter

Is the evidence circumstantial? Damn right it is... What's your point? 

Clearly Steve Smith is playing both sides... Literally. (I will now remove my tongue from my cheek)

Holy Moses what in the name of Asante Samuel was that re: the Eagles tackling display, or lack thereof? My God... Kurt Coleman, Jarrod Page & Nnamdi Asomugha and oh yeah, throw Nate Allen and the entire linebacking core in too... that was as poor a tackling display you will ever see. The best was listenting to the post game show on the way home from MQ's and I hear Joselio Hanson proclaim that the Eagles work on tackling every day and in the next break state the severely obvious 'we need to work harder.'

And speaking of Nnamdi... dude, brother, you want to chalk this up as your bad game of the year? Fine, where do I sign? Because if this is how things are going to be, we (the Eagles) could have saved themselves a lot of money and brought back Dmitri Patterson or some other stiff. 

Make no mistake about it, the outcome of the game was determined by the Eagles inability to convert in short yardage situations...

#1 - Trailing 14-0 in the 2nd Quarter, the Eagles had a 1st & Goal from the Giants 3-yard line. Three plays later they were still at the Giants 3-yard line. They settled for a field goal. 

#2 - Trailing 14-13 in the 3rd Quarter, the Eagles had a 1st & Goal from the Giants 2-yard line. Three players they were still at the Giants 2-yard line. Once again they settled for a field goal. This series, however, was truly a microcosm of the entire Reid/Marty Mornhinweg regime with play-calling that defied all conventional logic. Two of the three plays were for the full back Owen Schmitt and one for Michael Vick. So two plays for a fullback who rarely touches the ball one play for a quarterbackginsu fresh off a concussion (and yes they had Vick run straight into the line.) And zero plays for LeSean McCoy, who was slicing, dicing and julienning a Giants defense like a Ginsu knife the entire game up to that point. 

#3 - Leading 16-14 in the 4th Quarter, the Eagles faced a 4th & 1 from the Giants 43. Instead of punting and at the very least pushing the Giants back to their 20 on a touchback punt, Andy Reid decided to go for it. LeSean McCoy was tackled for a 3-yard loss. Eight players later, Victor Cruz (who?) hauled in his second touchdown, beating Mssrs. Asomugha  & Page for the ball in the end zone. 


*I don't blame the kid but Casey Matthews has to find himself a nice spot on the bench and get comfortable. It was simply not fair to expect this kid to jump right into the fire without any veteran support around him at LB whatsoever.

*Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride played Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo like a drum yesterday. The best example I can give is the screen pass call on the 3rd & 11 the Giants faced from the Eagles 18-yard line late in the 4th Quarter. Castillo dialed up a blitz, Gilbride called the perfect play, and the result was the final dagger in the Eagles' coffin. 

*Did Cullen Jenkins play?

*Where is Jaiquawn Jarrett? Lord knows he can't be any worse than Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman or Jarrod Page. 

*We are going to have to accept the fact that for every 3-4 good plays Jason Babin makes, he's going to make 1 that makes you bang your head on the nearest wall.

*Didn't Victor Cruz play for the Astros in the 80's? Oh wait, that was Jose Cruz. My bad... 

*The Eagles strengths are very strong. The Eagles weaknesses are very weak. I know, such insight, right? But think about it. Their skilled players are among the best in the league. Their DL is very solid. Their CB's are very good. And the rest? Well they are... well they're not very good, and opposing teams are doing whatever they need to exploit them

*I thought the Eagles receivers were supposed to have a field day against a depleted Giants' secondary? 

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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You can contact Steve Olenski at solenski@philly2philly.com  or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/steveolenski
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