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Terrell Owens still starting controversy in Philadelphia


T.O., T.O.,T.O., T.O.


Man, doesn’t that seem like decades ago?

Actually, it’s only been seven years since Terrell Owens  was making an impact on the Philadelphia Eagles, and he still can't get Philadelphia off of his mind.

In a reflective interview with GQ Magazine, Owens claimed that former teammate Jeremiah Trotter told him to rip of the bottom part of a written apology (that the Eagles wrote for him) that included a mea culpa to Donovan McNabb.

Trotter strongly denied the accusations, calling them “Totally inaccurate.”

Gee, who do you believe?.......

Ah yes, yet another chapter begins in the always controversial life of Terrell Owens.

According to the article, Owens is near broke, without many friends, and is in court with all four of his baby mamas. Owens held a workout  for the NFL several months ago. Nobody came. That's right: the man who is second to Jerry Rice in NFL history in total receiving yards could not get one NFL team to express interest in his services.  

Terrell Owens usually burns bridges wherever he goes. And we saw possibly the biggest example of this right here in town.Terrell Owens photo: BleacherReport.com

Owens broke the mold in Philadelphia, and not in a good way. Can you name another athlete in Philadelphia history who enjoyed a rise to prominence and a fall from grace as quickly as Owens did?  This is no surprise when you really think about it. After all, his past in San Francisco was checkered. Owens historically clashed with Niners quarterback Jeff Garcia, even questioning his sexuality at one point.

Even Owens’ arrival in Philadelphia was quite controversial. Make no mistake, from the day he arrived in town on that March day in 2004, you knew whenever the day came when Terrell Owens would leave the Eagles, he would do so on bad terms. And although nobody knew when that would occur, nobody thought it would happen the way it did let alone how fast it all transpired.

In between all the drama, Owens gave the fans a season to remember in 2004 and was part of arguably the most memorable Eagles team in history. Although the Birds lost the Super Bowl, Owens was a hero, playing the game with an ‘almost healed’ fractured fibula and ankle injury and amassing over 100 yards. He could have run for mayor in this town and won by a landslide. Owens was more popular after his first game as an Eagle than McNabb ever was in this town.

Now fast forward to the summer of 2005, when it all hit the fan.

The bitter contract dispute with the Eagles (keep in mind the contract was dreadful to begin with, but it didn’t stop Owens from signing it) the situps on his lawn, the fight with Hugh Douglas, the “interview” with Michael Irvin, and worst of all, the all-out war with McNabb which lead to his deactivation from the Eagles. In a town that doesn’t always embrace its superstars, Philadelphia’s newest one had thrown away all the good will he had established right out the window in the span of a year. He even took shots at the fans along the way. Unfathomable. One former Eagles player told me that he hated every moment of the 2005 season, and that it was all Owens’ fault  (For the record, I would have paid Owens whatever he wanted, but that’s a whole other story).


We could get into his sheltered upbringing in Alabama, his reported overdose on pain medication, the spitting incident in Atlanta, and all kinds of other drama you watched on The T.O. Show, but that’s not what the article is about. By now, it’s obvious that Terrell Owens has issues. He’s at an incredibly low point in his life, and he no longer has the NFL as a forum for his antics.  What does that tell you when somebody with Hall of Fame credentials like Owens has to settle for a job with the Allen Wranglers indoor football team? It’s not his ACL injury.  As great as Owens was (and he was great), NFL owners simply don't want to put up with his nonsense anymore.

It’s a story we are all too familiar with in Philadelphia.


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