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Eagles edge Giants on 'Brian Dawkins Night': The Morning After


Hi ho campers,

It’s MG filling in for Steve O, or should we call him Wally Pipp?  Hey I’m now 1-0 on The Morning After.  Andy is definitely slipping out with this win with his shoes in his hands tip toeing out. Whew! Oh wait, timeout? Really? OK. Whew! For real now.......


On the night they retired Brian Dawkins #20, the fans made sure that they voiced their approval. Philly fans again showing why our town is a great town to play for players that "get it."  What’s your favorite B Dawk memory? Mine was referred to in this recipient's of a Weapon X hit in his after game comments. See if you can guess it..............

OK campers. I know Steve O likes to get to the point, so here we go:

To begin- Wow! How about those legs on Faith Hill? (in my best Harry voice). Hard to believe Harry (in my best Whitey voice). Its obvious Faith has been working on more than her voice lately. I have to start watching more Sunday night games.

OK- side note- Who had the weirdest weekend chore? Mine was reapplying my rear view mirror- So that is where everyone went? Anyway back to the game.

Faith Hill photo: Huffington Post

In seeing the players come out of the tunnel I wanted my QB to be a little more emotional but that was quickly replaced with the reason why. Great move by the Birds to allow B Dawk one more tunnel run. That was special. You could not wring out any more emotion out of that display. There will never be another #20. WOW. We need to carry this on to the field.

Keys to the game.

1) Use the Giants’ D aggressiveness against them by using more counter, delays and a draw plays. What happen to the screen play?
2) Vick has to run
3) Special teams need to step it up.

Hey odd thought? Anyone remember the kids show Shazam/Isis hour on Saturday mornings in the late 70's? It was a super hero riding around with a young boy solving problems in the California woods. Total 1970's production. Why I am thinking of that show? Maybe Andy needs council to help with his game management. It could work. Anyway.

The game. Typical NFC EAST battle.

1st QuarterShazam photo: tvparty.com
Eagles’ D set the tone early with the Giants’ offense. If they can rattle Eli Manning, then the game gets easier for them, The Giants’ D is overpowering the Eagles’ O line. This has to stop. Andy and Marty has to put some misdirection in to keep the Giants’ D honest.

Paging Wally Henry.
What is with Damaris Jackson catching every punt inside the 10-yard line? These games are all about field position. Damaris, you are not helping. Finally, he lets one go into the end zone for a touchback with three minutes left in the 1st quarter. See, it does not hurt. The Turk did not grab your playbook from you. Finally, some room to work.

Eagles’ defense has to limit those third down penalties. They are killing them. Be more disciplined.

The Challenge
What? Andy finally won a challenge? When everyone thought it was a lost cause, he won a challenge on the DeSean Jackson 1st down reception.

Overall too much pressure on Vick. Giants are getting too many hits on Vick. The Birds should be playing like the better team but are not. Need to see changes....Let Vick run.....

2nd Quarter
No score. Defense is the difference on both sides. Again, 3rd down penalties are killing the Birds. Jason Babin should know better. Eagles D is keeping the Giants in check. Nnamdi is out. Will they try the new guy Hughes? Good play Brandon.

Hey what is Tapenade? What is Peyton Manning really pushing on that commercial?

Finally, at 9:07 in the second, the Eagles run a screen to LeSean McCoy. A disaster of a play, but good call. Time to move the ball. Vick runs for once. OK, time keep the Giants honest.

Vick is changing a lot plays tonight at the line with good success.

4:28 left before halftime a great swing pass to McCoy for good yards. That is what they need to do.

Why do you call a timeout at 1:52? You just had the 2-minute warning. Andy and his time management....

Finally, a touchdown!

DeSean Jackson touchdown! All set up by the play calling. Keep the counters coming and have Vick run more.

We need  to shut down the Giants before halftime. Well.....that did not work. How come Eli does not play like that the whole game. Good half

Half time: Eagles 7 Giants 3

Twitter is exploding with excitement from the Eagles retirement ceremony for Brian Dawkins. Wish I was there!Brian Dawkins photo: Martin Griff/The Times

3rd Qtr

Birds’ ball!

 Keep the good plays coming.

McCoy is running wild. Yes!

Ist and goal: Eagles need a touchdown.

Eagles 10 Giants 3

Eagles play calling cost them  4 points. Eli can tie the score.

Yep.  Eli marches them right down the field. Touchdown to Victor Cruz

Eagles 10 Giants 10

Eagles’ offense starting to open up. Keeping the Giants’ D honest is working. Still no turnovers for Vick with four minutes left in 3rd quarter.

Matt McBriar signing looks like a winner. Alex Henery field goals look great.

Eagles 13 Giants 10

End of 3rd.

Need a turnover from the Eagles’ D.

4th Quarter

Great pic by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Should of stayed in for the touch back.

Eagles need touchdowns not field goals.

Eagles 16 Giants 10

Finally, a good kick coverage.

Worst defense I ever saw the Eagles play. Eli schooled the Eagles’ secondary. Made it look too easy.

Giants 17 Eagles 16

Does Vick have another 4th Qtr comeback in him? 638 left in the game Birds ball on their 17.

Welcome to the game, Jeremy Maclin.

Vick's running has been key to this game.

1st and goal.

Need a touchdown. Do not trust defense to hold field position with Eli. Need to force Eli and Giants to drive entire field since kick coverage been horrible.

Again, need more points.

Field goal.

Eagles 19 Giants 17.

Eli has plenty of time to work his magic.Photo: AP

4th and goal need to stop.

DRC too aggressive. The defensive penalties are going to lose this game. Still out of FG range.

Another defensive penalty? Nhambi was robbed. Bad call. In FG range. Need a stop.

Giants are running to position ball for a FG.

Finally a break. Offensive pass interference. Take the ball back. 15 seconds left: Giants no timeouts.

The kick is no good. Eagles win!  

Timeout? Who called Time out? ANDY! This could be could be your kill shot here in Philly.

Giants line up....again.  The kick...............IT’S GOOD. Oh wait. It was short. It looked like it was going to make it on TV.

EAGLES 19  Giants 17:  FINAL

Whew! Did Steve O pick the wrong game to take off? WOW. I have enjoyed my time here at The Morning After. Hopefully I was better than those replacement refs. Harder work than it looks, Steve O.

Thanks for the opportunity. I think I will keep my day job. Thanks campers.

As your heard before, time’s yours!

Back to you Steve O!

Best regards,

Matt Grace

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Faith Hill photo: Huffington Post

Shazam photo: tvparty.com

Dawkins photo: Martin Griff/The Times

Field Goal photo: AP