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Eagles lose debacle of a game to Lions: The Morning After


Morning campers, 


Charles Dickens himself could not have written a better story for it was surely a Tale of Two Halves yesterday. Each team sputtered offensively while each respective defense played well in the first half. The problem of course was one team's defense showed up when it counted the most and the other were the Eagles.


Let's get to getting...


Seems Like Old Times

With an homage to the Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn yarn from the 80s, watching the Eagles' defense surrender a 10-point lead with less than six minutes to play brought up a lot of bad, painful memories from last season. Folding like a house of cards, again, the Eagles’ D seemed powerless to stop the not-so-potent Lions’ offense.



With an homage to the Billy Joel album of the same name, the Eagles offensive line is very much a open-arm, come-as-you-are group for they do not seem to mind if anyone invades their space and wreaks much physical harm on their QB. I understand Dallas Reynolds is a practice squad player, but Danny Watkins is a former first rounder who supposedly had a mean streak in him. Remember when that was all the talk, how mean this guy was? Billy Joel photo: boatagainstthecurrent.blogspot.com


Puttin on the Blitz

With an homage to the underrated Taco (you know you have their greatest hits somewhere), the Eagles vaunted front four is anything but fearsome as they once again failed to register one sack. Let's see, last year it was the linebackers and the fact that there was no training camp. But this year? This year was to be different what with the endless supply of d-lineman at the ready.

So what happened? Maybe we should have let Jason Babin run with the Bulls in Pamplona. Maybe he would have sacked one of them.




And paging Trent Cole... you're wanted in the opposing backfield and or QB's grill. Trent Cole, white courtesy phone. It's your agent laughing his ass off with the deal he got for you and that you are failing miserably at living up to.


And speaking of D-lineman, have to pass along condolences to the family of former Lions DL Alex Karras. A gentle giant - at least that's how he seemed to me. Rest in peace, Alex.Alex Karras photo: radio.foxnews.com



One Tough Bird

Say what you want about Michael Vick and his penchant for turnovers, but he is one tough SOB. He is taking a pounding, kids (a pounding I tell you!), behind the aforementioned atrocious offensive line. I don't think I've seen a tougher Eagles QB since the days of The Polish Rifle, Ron Jaworski.


Smoke, Meet Mirrors

Is it just me, or is it more than obvious by now that the Eagles are 3-3 and not 1-5 or even 0-6 thanks to some smoke and mirrors and slight of hand and plain dumb luck?


Holy Moses, watching this team implode in the 4th Quarter the last two weeks and knowing what we know of the previous four games makes it quite astonishing that they even made it to three wins.


Hard To Believe, Harry

*At one point the Lions had more penalties than points... and still won


*Rod Stewart used to be Rod Stewart and now... he's hawking wares on QVC. I guess perhaps some guys don't have ALL the luck, eh Rod?

Rod Stewart photo: nashvillescene.com


*Marty Mornhinweg and Juan Castillo are actually gainfully employed in the National Football League. That statement on its merit is truly hard to believe, Harry.


*At one point, the Eagles were being out-yarded 79-1 and I turned to MQ and said it reminded me of the scene from Little Giants after the little g-men eeked one single yard, Ed O'Neill said aloud "one yard... don't mean nothing." I for one was very proud of my Eagles for that one yard I'll have you know


*Add Bobby April, the Eagles’ Special Teams Coach, to that list above along with Marty and Juan.


*The NFL did not outlaw the blitz, did they? Are you sure?


*Daryl "Moose" Johnston actually praised the Eagles early in the 3rd Quarter for their "nice halftime adjustments." Wow, is THAT hard to believe that someone would actually use those words about the Eagles.


I'm done for now.


As always, time's yours, food's mine.

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Billy Joel photo: boatagainstthecurrent.blogspot.com