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Eagles fire Juan Castillo, but the whole team is falling apart


Philly sports fans are a very knowledgeable bunch, and most of the fan base in the city saw this coming a mile away.
The Eagles fired Juan Castillo Tuesday morning after two consecutive late-game collapses on behalf of the defense. Castillo will be replaced by secondary coach Todd Bowles. Like Castillo, Bowles has no previous coaching experience as a defensive coordinator in the NFL.
Castillo’s firing is kind of anticlimactic from the standpoint that nobody thought he should have been given the joJuan Castillo- the Eag;es new defensive coordinator?  Photo: BusinessInsider.comb to begin with. After all, how common is it that a successful offensive line coach in the NFL is hired as a defensive line coach when he hasn’t coached defense on any professional level?

I know it’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback from our perspective, but come on! Andy Reid put him in this position and he never should have hired him.
Fans were calling for Castillo’s head after the “Dream Team” got off to a 4-8 start in 2011, but a late season surge combined with the Birds’ NFL leading 50 sacks kept Castillo’s job safe. The team improved in several categories this season, but has fallen to 30th in the league with just 7 sacks in 2012.  And after a 3-1 start, the team’s defensive lapses against the Steelers and Lions ended in in bad losses that were just too much to ignore. Things have gotten so bad that Nnamdi Asomugha, who shouldn’t be throwing anybody under the bus with his overall play the last two seasons, openly questioned Castillo’s play-calling on Monday.

Say what you want about Castillo and his lack of experience, but his firing was definitely a combination of necessity and desperation on Reid’s part. He knows the writing is on the wall and that this season looks more and more like his swan song. Michael Vick is a fumble machine, the offensive line is a complete and utter mess, and the only reason Bobby April didn’t get fired for his performance coaching Andy Reid photo: (Boston Herald)special teams is because Castillo was first on the chopping block. Let’s not kid ourselves here: the Eagles are a rudderless ship, and it’s sinking real fast.   

Castillo says he will spend the rest of the 2012 season watching his son play college football. Oddly enough, he says he’ll look for a job for the 2013 season: on the defensive side of the ball. Why Castillo would search for a job on defense is mind boggling for two reasons. For starters, his successful track record as an offensive coach kept him employed by the Eagles for almost two decades. Furthermore, I’m not sure what NFL team would take a chance on Castillo to coach their defense, given his team’s inconsistencies during the last year and change.

On a side note, I’m quite surprised the Eagles didn’t offer Castillo another position in the organization given his tenure with the team.

But then again, does anything they do surprise you?


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Castillo photo: businessinsider.com

Reid photo: Boston Herald