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From Eagles to NHL lockout, Philadelphia sports are pretty frustrating right now


The 2012 Philadelphia Eagles: Please make this stop.........

-The 2012 Philadelphia Eagles are one of the least likeable teams I’ve ever watched in this town. If there’s anybody who thinks Andy Reid will be the team’s coach beyond this year, I want to meet them, because chances are they’ve been setting new precedents for ingesting foreign substances. You know the writing is on the wall when his team loses after a bye week for the first time ever in Reid’s 14-year Eagles coaching career. If you are feeling confident in betting on the Eagles these days, then choose some more sports betting options here. 

-Did you ever think you’d hear Nnamdi Asomugha mentioned in the same breath as Izel “Toast” Jenkins?  Eagles photo: Reuters

-Although Michael Vick has a lot to do with the Eagles 3-4 record, he is getting the crap knocked out of him due to the Eagles’ horrid offensive line.

-Why exactly was Danny Watkins holding out last summer?

-Todd Bowles’ first game as defensive coordinator actually made Eagles fans long for the days of the departed Juan Castillo.

-Does anybody honestly think Nick Foles will change anything if he takes Michael Vick’s place?

-LeSean McCoy is one of the few Eagles players who actually sounds like he cares that the team is in a downward spiral. McCoy was absolutely embarrassed for his team, as he should be.


Oh hockey, where art thou?

Just when we need the Flyers to get our minds off the Eagles, they are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, it looks like the NHL won’t be back at all in the near future, as November has been now wiped out from the schedule.

This is the third lockout in 18 years. Personally, I think the owners and players need to do what’s right for game and get this settled. Since the season-long lockout of 2004-2005, the NHL seemed to have made inroads in regards to the popularity of the sport. That will all be erased if the two sides can’t come to a compromise.


And finally.........

-The San Francisco Giants have won their second World Series in three years. Melky Cabrera uses PEDs to help them win half their games, but the team doesn’t break stride after he’s suspended. Barry Zito has stunk his entire Giants career, but he turns into Steve Carlton just in time. Tim Lincecum has stunk all year, but comes out of the bullpen pitching like Bob Feller.Giants photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

-Their closer Brian Wilson goes down, but Sergio Romo takes his place.

-Marco Scutaro? Cody Ross?  I don’t care what Giants fans say: they literally pull this crap out of their ‘you know what.’

-Hunter Pence is a good guy, but where was all this inspirational leadership when the Phillies need it this year?

Yes, the Giants of 2012 are a better team than the forgettable 2010 squad, but the fact that they have one more World Series title than the Phillies during this span is really hard to digest. Not as bad as the 2010 NLCS debacle, but hard to digest nonetheless. Moreover, the fact that the Tigers' Cy Young Winner (Justin Verlander) and Triple Crown Winner (Miguel Cabrera), and prized free agent went cold was perfect timing for the Giants, who have developed a knack for this.

Congrats Giants fans, you have one more title than we do during this stretch, but you’re still way more obnoxious than Philly fans are. If I hear anybody else from the Bay Area bitch to me about all their years of suffering, they’d better run, because I’ll throw one of our snowballs right at them.

Looks like it’s up to the Sixers  to make things brighter around here.

You know, the Sixers....that team who traded for Andrew Bynum, who has a very bad knee.................



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