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Eagles fumble game away and lose to Steelers: The Morning After


Morning campers,

Great to be back.... had a great long weekend in the beautiful town of Ivoryton, Connecticut. If you are ever in that area be sure to stop in Aggie’s Village Restaurant and/or Something Special, the antique store located directly above the restaurant – both owned & operated by my wife’s aunt Agnes.


Have to give a shout out to my man Matt Grace who pinch hit for me while I was away. I think Matt did a phenemonal job. Clearly Matt has the same fire and passion I do and all of you do when it comes to the Eagles.

Ok let’s get to getting…

Maybe it was the weather, maybe I’m still mentally on vacation, but am gonna go rapid fire this week.

*Michael Vick is arguably the biggest tease we’ve seen in these parts for some time. He flashes moments of brilliance, but more often than not, we are witness to his unwillingness to slide; holding the ball too long and not leading his receivers. His fumble in the Steelers’ end zone was all his doing. Sorry, check the tape. Yes he gets hit, but he does not put the ball away and he does not get hit squarely on the ball.

*Mychal Kendricks was last seen checking the Lost & Found at Heinz Field for his jock as the rookie was schooled and fooled by both Big Ben and Rashard Mendenhall.

*At one point during the game, I flipped channels to the Browns/Giants game. The Browns faced a 3rd & 1 in a game whose outcome was still in doubt. Their RB Trent Richardson had been averaging over 5 yards per carry up to that point in the game. So what does former Andy Reid disciple/current Browns coach Pat Shurmur do? Naturally he calls a pass play which was intercepted and the ensuing Giants drive led to a TD. Ah yes, the Andy Reid family value, gotta love it.

*If you have seen the vaunted Eagles pass rush, please let everyone know because it has been non-existent for the better part of the season- and especially yesterday.

*Tell me again why Juan Castillo did not dial up a blitz on the Steelers last drive when they faced a crucial 3rd & 12? Roethlisberger was able to step up in the pocket and complete the pass and off they went to the ultimate game-winning FG.

*Is Nnamdi Asomugha fast becoming one of the all time Philly sports busts or is it my imagination? Do you think he’s been living off his reputation all these years and now teams are actually challenging him and finding out he’s not as good as they were led to believe? What’s most disconcerting in watching him is how often he is out of position.

*In baseball the most important inning for a team is the one that comes right after your team scores. You want to get the opposing team out 1-2-3 and not allow them to take away any momentum your team has after scoring.

*In football, the same logic applies. So why is that every time or so it seems, that after the Eagles score, their kick coverage unit allows a huge kick return?

*Do you really think Andy Reid goes for it on 4th down from his own 29 in years’ past? Of course not. He’s feeling the pressure boys and girls… the pressure to win as many games as he can and he knows that another 8-8 or disappointing season will leave him looking for a new job.

As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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