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Panthers edge Eagles: The Morning After


Morning campers,

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday with their families. I am certainly thankful for many things most notably my wife and children. And an endless supply of coffee, too.

But I digress.

At the time of this writing yours truly is not feeling all that well, so I am going to scribe my thoughts on the first half then hand it off to my trusted collaborator Matt Grace, who will take you home.


So let’s get to getting re: how I saw the first half:

*The Dead Zone. Yes, I know this is a poor pun – hey I told you I wasn’t feel all that well. But poor punnery aside, is there a more apt description to describe the incompetency, inefficiency and ineptitude of the Eagles’ offense once they enter the red zone?

Seriously, the Eagles are epically bad in their ability (or lack thereof) once they nothing to do get inside the opponents’ twenty.

*Ok this has with the first half but why in the world would the Eagles fire their CMO Tim McDermott? And especially now what with his brother, Panthers' defensive coordinator in town. Are you kidding me? McDermott said the following in a prepared statement:

"The Eagles and I have parted on amicable terms. I have nothing but good things to say about the Eagles and the people I worked with and wish the team the best as I pursue some exciting opportunities."

In their own prepared statement, the Eagles pretty much said the same thing- that it was an amicable split. Sorry, but the timing of this stinks from here to Lehigh.

*Bryce Brown may have shown he belongs in the show with a very impressive long TD run in the 2Q. Of course Andy Reid still finds a way to screw it by going for 2 following the TD. WHY? Why Andy, why? Why in the name of God would you go for two early in the game?

*What was the over/under going into the game by the way? No not the total score over/under. I’m talking about the over/under as to how many times Jon Gruden would sing the praises of Andy Reid, call him “mentally tough” and other completely meaningless compliments.

*How pathetic and incredibly telling is it when your best and most consistent player is your place kicker?

*And speaking of Bryce Brown how is that in the game when LeSean McCoy DOESN’T play the Eagles suddenly decide to commit to the run? Are you kidding me, Andy & Marty? Yes sir, I’m sure Shady is so happy to see all the carries Bryce Brown and Dion Lewis are getting in his stead.

*Nick Foles’ decision making has been nothing short of insanely bad pretty much the entire first half. The Panthers left at least two picks on the field, and one of them would’ve been a Pick 6 for sure.

*Holy Moses did Gruden actually use the word “unleash” in describing Trent Cole and Jason Babin as in “Unleash Trent Cole and Jason Babin” on a key Panthers 3rd Down play? Unleash? No Jon, unleash implies that Cole and Babin have something, anything they could actually unleash on the Panthers in the first place. Gimme a break.

Ok, so that’s how the big man saw the first half as well as my thoughts on a few others tidbits.

Now I hand it off to another big man, my man, Matt Grace.

Thanks Steve O!

Hi ho campers,

It is your favorite Italian sports car MG, (not really I just play that part on TV). I hope everyone survived Thanksgiving. I think I went a little overboard this year with the turkey, Since Thanksgiving Greenpeace has been following me trying to roll me back into the Ocean.

Speaking of rolls (mmm roll and butter with cranberry sauce mmm, man I got to stop). How about the rollover your Philadelphia Eagles have done? I am not going to kick a team when they are down but this team should not have a label of “team” It is everyone for themselves right now. No Leadership on either side of the ball. Retired Eagles and local homeboy Troy Vincent said he was “offended” by the lack of leadership this team does not show. I would have to second him on his comment. This team has no leadership and most importantly no “SNARL”. How lucky were we to see the likes of a Vincent, Seth Joyner and Brian Dawkins enforcing the “SNARL” of the Birds. Man, do I wish for those days back.

Hello my name is? Last night game could have been the fifth exhibition game. We all know that The Birds have been hit with injuries this year. When D JAX went out with an injury, it left only three starters in on offense from the opening game. Brent Celek, Jeremy Maclin and Evan Mathis are the only three left in the offensive lifeboat since the opening day win against the Browns in September. Make all the excuses you want but good football teams are built from the reserves. Jake Scott? Dallas Reynolds? King Dunlap? They would not even be back up doormen at the local bar.  Sorry Andy, but it is time.

Bob Hope’s team: Some youngsters did play well enough to gain another look, but with the teams philosophy of playing undrafted free agents and lower draft picks, it will only set them back more in the future. I, like everyone else, like a feel good story of an undrafted free agent making the team, but you cannot build a team with a bunch of Vince Papales. There is something to be said to have a pedigree of having All-American Division 1 football players on your team.  

Bryce Brown played well in spots, but I feel he does not have the pedigree that will sustain his success on the football field. Do you build a house with stuff lying around in your yard? No, you look for the best and then get the best to be the best. This is the Philadelphia Eagles’ fatal flaw. And it points directly to the head coach’s arrogance of he knows better than all of us. It is time Andy.photo: agelesssecrets.blogspot.com

Happy Holidays: So it’s the holidays and I am going to go sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what I wish for this Christmas. Here are some of my wishes

1) A head coach that cares about the fans of Philly and that they “get it” with the fan base: We deserve a hard nose snarly football team.

2) A defacto leader to build around on defense: I know of a Shiny Gold Helmeted linebacker who wears Number 5 that would look great in wings.

3) A football team that other teams have to gameplan for and not a team that has to game plan to beat teams:  I would love to have a team that enforces their will on teams to win.

4) And of course, “peace on earth and goodwill to men”:  Yada,Yada. Have to throw that in there. To show my boy the true meaning of the holidays.

So there you have it another game in the books for our Birds. Keep the faith, fans. It can only get better from here.

Thanks Steve O. MG signing off. Beep! Beep!

Time is not yours Andy!

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