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Michael Vick's comments further prove how dislikeable Eagles really are


Is it me, or are the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles one of the least likeable teams this town has seen in the last 30 years?
By now it’s pretty obvious that the meat of this team does not gel and is nothing more than a bunch of overhyped free agents who have put up solid individual stats in the past, but collectively have done very little from a team standpoint. Either that, or it’s Andy Reid, but that’s another article for another time.
Adding insult to injury is the fact that nobody on the team seems to take accountability for their shortcomings, and instead place the blame on other factors for their shoddy play time and time again. A following are some prime examples of why most of the Delaware Valley has a very hard time rooting for this particular squad.

-It’s looking more and more that these are Michael Vick’s final days in an Eagles uniform. The rumor mill is running rampant over the last few weeks that Vick will be replaced by Nick Foles. Yeah, not as long as Andy Reid is fighting for his job. There have also been reports that Photo: Mark L. Baer, US Presswirethere has been tension with Vick and the assistant coaches. And just last weekend, Vick started finger pointing at the media for their approach towards the team during this difficult stretch that has seen the Birds’ fall to 3-4 going into Monday night’s game against the Saints.

Now granted, Vick is not the main reason for the team’s decline. The defense is...well...I really don’t have words to describe their inconsistency, and you can forget the offensive line, who has allowed Vick to be rushed, hit and sacked probably more than any quarterback in the NFL this season. But those eight interceptions and five fumbles in the first six games are the media's fault?

-Then there’s Jason Babin, who could easily find a career in social media if he gets cut by the Eagles after 2012 and doesn’t find another NFL team. Babin seems to be more worried these days about how the Philadelphia fans react to the Eagles’ shoddy play as opposed to how his team is supposed to be playing. Apparently, the comments of some of the Eagles fans during the Falcons’ drubbing of the Birds last week were tDefensive End Jason babin is one Eagle who has lived up to his contract. Photo: daylife.comoo much for Babin to ignore.

“I’m going to be protective of Coach Reid and Coach Wash and my teammates,” said Babin in regards to some of the fan’s recent comments.

Even former Eagle Jeremiah Trotter spoke in regards to Babin, telling him his mind should be on the New Orleans Saints- not what he puts on Twitter. For the record, I couldn’t agree more with Trot. If Babin wants to be protective of Andy Reid, he can protect him from getting fired by playing better.

-Although he is still “kind of” young, right tackle Danny Watkins has been a disappointment from the start of his Eagles career. I must admit, I never thought drafting Watkins was a good idea, and I’m not the only one. A player on the verge of turning 28 should either have more football experience under his belt or have more than just a year and change of NFL experience.

Watkins has neither. The fact that he held out at the start of last year’s training camp despite the fact that he missed time anyway due to the NFL Lockout really rubbed me the wrong way. After all, it’s not like this guy was heralded as the next Dan Dierdorf. Then Watkins recently  took umbrage to some of the things that were being written about him by the media and temporarily refused to speak to them. With all due respect, what has Danny Watkins ever done on a football field to where it’s justifiable for him to boycott the media?

-Despite the fact that he finally got paid, DeSean Jackson emerged to also take a shot at the fans in a recent interview.

“Sometimes our own fans can be against us as well,” said Jackson on ESPN’s Mike and Mike.

Well DeSean, I can understand your disillusionment- considering your actions last year were a major factor in the Eagles missing the playoffs.

Eagles fans are passionate fans. Yes, in ANY stadium, a few nimrods don’t get it right, but despite the fact that the franchise has won just three playoff games since 2006, Eagles’ season tickets are still some of the hardest to land in the NFL. When is the last time an Eagles game ran the risk of being blacked out? Exactly. And just remember DeSean, all 68,000 plus are on hand every game just to ‘be against you’........

Is it really THAT easy to point out why this team is not very likeable? Articles like this basically write itself. As our soon-to-be released book emphasizes, Philadelphia sports fans are big on accountability with their teams. We might not be happy with how our teams always play, but believe it or not, we do take into consideration whether or not you’re giving it your all, or decide to make excuses and whine about it instead. The last team in this town who cried this much was the 2004 Phillies, and Larry Bowa ended up losing his job.

As a lifelong fan, I’ll never root for my team to lose. At the same time, this Eagles team should really take a long look in the mirror and realize they’re the reason they’ve underachieved. It's not the fans or the media, it’s themselves.

Winners don’t point the finger at everybody else. But then again, the Eagles don't even have a winning record.......

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Vick Photo: Mark L. Baer/US Presswire

Babin photo: daylife.com