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Eagles throttled by Saints: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Another week and another week where I am not in my normal perch – directly to the left of MW Quinlan (MQ to you). Last week of course I was at the game, or most of it as I took my son to his first Eagles game, and my what memories he has of that debacle.


His therapist tells me he’s making progress in blocking all remembrances of that nightmare of a game- although he does still wake up from time to time muttering “Nnamdi, Nnamd, NnamdI” over and over.



I kid of course… I am the one in therapy.


And before we get to getting let me just take this opportunity to remind everyone to go out and vote today if you have not already. Regardless of whom you vote for, just make sure you vote.


Ok, time to get to getting…


The Bryce Is Wrong

Ok help me out here.


The Eagles have one of the best running backs in all football, right? So can someone tell me why, on the very first drive of the game Bryce Brown was on the field as much as he was? On one play the Eagles ran a play action fake to Brown. Do you really think anyone on the Saints’ defense either cared or thought Brown would get the ball?


Then at the end of the drive, facing a 3rd and forever, then the Eagles give the ball to LeSean McCoy and thereby run the risk of injuring your best player on a play that has zero chance of succeeding. Why would you NOT give the ball to Brown on such a play?


Good God this was a complete microcosm of the sheer ineptitude of Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.


Miracle In the Bayou

I never thought I would live to see this but I actually witnessed Michael Vick a) reading a blitz and b) hitting the hot receiver for a key 3rd down reception.

Now if you REALLY want to see a miracle we’ll see the Eagles a) not turn the ball over in the red zone and b) actually score a TD. But I know, I can’t ask for everything. Sorry, got greedy. 



Kelly’s Zeroes

This just in… Eagles. Ok. Dennis Kelly is, um, well, what’s the word? Oh yeah, ridiculously bad, horrifically inept, insanely inadequate. Seriously, this guy has no business being on an NFL roster.


Put A Bow On It

At one point a Mercedes commercial came on and it reminded me that’s getting close to the time when those ridiculous holiday car commercials are omnipresent.


You know the ones where someone buys someone else a car – and not a Yugo, and surprises the person by unveiling the car in the driveway or street with a huge bow on top of it.


In our world of reality TB, you would think car companies would get the hint and stop showing such unrealistic commercials. Or are you one of those who have either given or been the recipient of such a grandiose gift?

 obama romney debate

Halftime Thoughts

Sitting here watch Chris Berman and his just slightly-dyed hair (wink/wink) interview President Obama and Mitt Romney, here’s my thoughts on the first half.


Reid and the entire staff should be fired.


Thanks, that’s it. That says it all.


Ok, maybe a little more thoughts…


This the most-embarrassing Eagles team I have ever seen, particularly on defense. This group on defense is downright deplorable and I am embarrassed to be an Eagles fan watching this soft group try and play defense.


The Eagles just look lost; like a team with absolutely no leadership either on the field or off; a group that while they appear to be trying are simply not very good.


The exception of course is LeSean McCoy, who once again showed why he is one of the best running backs in the NFL.


Trent Cole and Jason Babin are arguably the two biggest stiffs I have seen in quite some time; I can’t call the aforementioned Dennis Kelly a stiff because to me a stiff is someone who has talent yet doesn’t use it; Kelly just stinks and has no talent; big difference.



Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Sorry but this game is so bad I have to take another commercial break. This time it’s a State Farm spot featuring Aaron Rodgers.


Most of these spots in the series are good and this one is ok, but it’s painfully obvious that either someone at the ad agency and/or production company either forgot to get Aaron a sport coat OR they decided at the last moment to have him wear the coat because it’s clear the coat does not fit him.


Watch it for yourself:

No Rush To Judgment

The term above implies of course that an opinion has been based on a limited amount of data or done very quickly, short sighted, without all information available and so on.


None of this applies to the Eagles’ defensive line and their woeful lack of a pass rush. The poster children are of course Babin and Cole. But make no mistake about it, the entire line is guilty. The entire line is to blame. For the interior lineman can impact a rush as much as an end, if not more.


But Babin and Cole are the marquee names who are paid to get to the opposing quarterback and they are not doing it. And please spare me the fact that Babin caused a fumble in the 4th Q. Does the term “too little, too late” ring a bell? Give me a break.


Uncle Mo Changed Hands, Sort Of

Paying homage to Dick Vitale, who coined the phrase “Uncle Mo” as a euphemism for momentum, the Eagles clearly had Uncle Mo on their side.


First, the defense forces a turnover with the Saints driving, which leads to the Eagles’ first TD. On the ensuing kickoff, the Birds force another turnover, which leads them eventually to a first and goal.


The crowd was quiet, the Eagles were rolling and who knows where the game was headed if… IF the Eagles had managed to score a TD. Of course being in the red zone that had virtually no chance of happening and they settled for another field goal.


That was it.


That was when the Eagles let Uncle Mo slip away as the Saints marched (yeah I went there) right down the field to score their fourth TD after they themselves made it into the red zone.


Saints score TDs in the red zone. Eagles settle for field goals.  Or they of course turn the ball over.  



Ironically Speaking

Flipping channels during the 4th Q, I came across the listing for the NFL Network for one of their Top 10 shows and this particular version dealt with “Coaches Who Never Won A Championship.”

Now I did not leave the show on long enough to see just which 10 coaches made the list, but is it just me, or is the irony as thick as molasses that while we were busy watching yet another Eagles game down in flames that such a list was being aired.


Yeah I didn’t think it was just me, either.


The Bottom Line

The Philadelphia Eagles and Reid are arguably the most overrated team and coach in professional sports history.


Hyperbole? Maybe. But you cannot sit there and tell me that the national media has not been completely duped by Andy Reid and the “paper” Eagles. On paper the Eagles look like champions.


Of course, they don’t play the game on paper now do they boys and girls?


Heard Jon Gruden singing the praises of Reid toward the end of the game and how much the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins and their fans will be happy if the Eagles got rid of Andy Reid because he’s such a great coach.


For the love of God can someone, anyone clue in the national media? The national media en masse has been completely duped by Reid and his bloated numbers.


The national media of course does not see what we do. They do not see every play like we do. Just one last question… when does Jeffrey Lurie say enough is enough? The fans surely have, so when does Lurie say it, wake up and make the change that is at least 3-4 years too late?


That’s it. I’m spent and tired.

As always, time's yours, food's mine.

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9:25 AM
Tue Nov 6 2012
Making no excuses whatsoever

Making no excuses whatsoever for the Eagles, they really are just not a good football team right now, I take exception to your hyperbolic summation of the coach and the team.  "in the history of professional sports"   Really?  If you didn't mean it, then don't write it.  The problems with this team begin with the offensive line.  Decimated by injury, this o-line is just not good.  It's no secret and doesn't take a rocket scientest to figure it out.  You can't fire Reid for the poor play of the o-line due to injury.  That does not, however, absolve him of all guilt for the state of this team.  Should he be fired?  Maybe.  Probably.  It's might just be time for a change.  My biggest problem and I think the biggest flaw in your article is that according to you Reid has somehow duped the National Media into thinking he is a good coach.  That, sir, is completely ridiculous.  Make no bones about it, and let me be perfectly clear:  Andy Reid is an excelent coach doing a poor job.  You only have to look at the entirety of his career for that to be evident.  Stop being a shill for the local media, and you know of whom I speak, and have an original thought.  It may be time for Reid to go but stop with the piling on and ad hominem attacks.