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Eagles end skid, beat the Bucs - The Morning After


Morning campers,
Well it would appear there is life in the Birds after all, well at least those not named Nnamdi that is... nore on him later. But yesterday's performance was, if nothing else, a temporary stay of execution of sorts. I mean there's no way Jeffrey Lurie can bring Andy Reid back, right?
 steve olenski
Well...hold that thought.
Let's get to getting...
The Good

Let's start with some positives for a change, shall we? After eight long weeks of not being to able to find many, it was refreshing to see so many signs of life, as it were.

*Nick Foles is without question getting better with each passing week. His poise in the pocket may be his biggest asset at this point in time for he is showing the calm, cool, collected demeanor not found in quarterbacks of such a young age. He's more Al than Carl Lewis when it comes to his "speed," but give the kid credit on his 1st half TD run. He took what the defense gave him.

*I was back with MQ yesterday (after a brief interruption for varying reasons), and once MQ was proven right when he declared Jason Avant as having the best hands on the team- a proclamation he made many years ago, mind you. Avant’s catch in the 2Q along the sideline was nothing short of miraculous.

*I had to keep checking the weather outside to see if it was turning frightful or even snowing for surely something had to be messing with the universe and the alignment of the stars that would cause to me write the following: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie actually played a physical football game.

*Was it me or did the Eagles' defensive line look fresher, had a bounce to their step as if they were released from a chain that bound them for all these weeks?

*Eagles' punter Matt McBriar looked might spiffy when he punted four times... in the first quarter!

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The Bad

*Allow me to get this non-Eagles item off my chest. What in the name of all things holy were the Red Sox thinking in giving Shane Victorino a contract worth $39 million for three years? Perhaps the better question is: What in the name of all things holy were the Red Sox smloking and/or inhaling in giving Shane Victorino a contract worth $39 million for three years?

*It's beyond obvious that King Dunlap is not very good. I know that's not breaking news. But a man of his height and girth should be doing something athletically or at the very least entertaining. How does King " Kong" Dunlap sound? "In this corner from parts unknown weighing 350 pounds and standing nearly 7-feet tall, King... Kong... Dunlap!" Someone get me Vince McMahon on the phone, stat.

*And speaking of height and weight, did anyone else catch Dick Stockton's physical description of Nick Foles? "Foles stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 243 yards." No, that is not a typo kids, that is how Stockton described the Eagles rookie QB. He neglected to mention, however, that Foles hails from Incomplete Pass, Oklahoma. God love Dick Stockton. I hope he never retires.

*And then there's Stockton's booth buddy, John Lynch. I have heard some question Lynch's preparation or lack thereof in the past, but I always gave Johnny a pass. Until yesterday, when I heard this gem roll of his tongue following a catch by a certain Eagles wide receiver: "With the emergence of Riley Cooper..."  Now there was more to the statement but really do I need to go on? The emergence of Riley Cooper? C'mon John, really? Dude, just stop. Just admit you have no clue what you are talking about. You're embarassing yourself.

*Pretty telling when an opposing offensive player - in this case, Bucs' tight end Dallas Clark, hits harder than anyone on your entire defense but that's precisely what happened when Clark took out Nnamdi Asomugha in the first half as Nnamdi tried for an interception. Like that was ever gonna happen.

The Ugly

*Let's keep the Nnamdi train going, just for kicks and giggles. And surely any mention of Nnamdi, save for the aforementioned, well, mention, most assuredly belongs in the ugly column.

Two questions to ponder re: Nnamdi:
1. Is he the softest Eagles player in the history of the franchise?
2. Is he the biggest bust in Philadelphia (not just Eagles) sports history?

And all this coming from someone, me, who was over the moon when the Birds signed him a few years ago.

Didn't he complain all of last year how the Eagles were not using him properly? That he was a bump and run and press cornerback? That he didn't like the zone and all that other nonsense?

So now that he got what he wanted, what does he do? He displays a continued ineptitude that I for one at a loss to explain. And I won't even mention how much the Birds are paying him.

*Is it just me or do the Eagles' receivers collectively fall like a house of cards the minute any opposing defender as much as breaths on them? Watching yesterday's game I saw Clay Harbor on more than one occasion fold like a deck chair after being "hit' by a smaller defender. Even Avant, on the next to the last play of the game, the catch that took the Birds to the 1-yard line, did not fight for more yards.

I do not mean to pick on Avant per se, but the fact remains if the Eagles did not have enough time to spike the ball and ultimately win the game, we would be talking about the fact that Avant did not do enough to get into the end zone. At least I know I would.


The Bottom Line

This could easily fall under the ugly domain for it will indeed be ugly- VERY ugly if Jeffrey Lurie does in fact bring Andy Reid back next season.

Yes, yesterday was a good win, some may even say a great win. The Eagles played with heart and emotion and battled right down to the end of the game and snatched victory away from their opponent.

And my reaction to that?

Well I'll turn to the man who lives in a can down by the river to encapsulate my thoughts:

Are we all supposed to jump up and down and hoist Andy on our shoulders and march him around the streets of Philly? Sorry Andy but in case you didn't notice your team is in dead last in your division and are considered one of the most underachieving teams of all time.

The obvious question is 'where has this been ALL season?'

I'm glad the Eagles won and all that but the faster the season can end and we are rid of Andy Reid, the better.

As usual, time's yours... food's mine

Steve O

steve olenski




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