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Eagles trounced by Bengals: The Morning After


Good morning campers...and Happy Friday.
Not sure how many of you stayed up for the entire game like yours truly did, but if you indeed witnessed the entire carnage, you bore witness to perhaps the final nail in the Andy Reid coffin. Nothing personified the absolute incompetence of the Reid regime than the brief - and I do mean brief, period of time in the second half when the Eagles turned the ball over five times in four plays.
No, that is not a typo. steve olenski

Time to get to getting...


Say what you want about sideline reporters - some of you may actually like them for whatever reason but last night after another brilliant, hard-hitting question from a sideline reporter those find value in them will have trouble defending their existence on this planet.

Sideline reporter Alex Flanagan (to Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis prior to kickoff): "Do you need to win this game to make the playoffs?"

Lewis, to his credit, said that the Bengals did in fact have to win the game.

Now consider the fact that the Bengals were 7-6 entering the game with only 3 games left in the season itself, and one cannot help to locate the nearest wall to bang one's head against as one screams ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? How can you possibly think of (let alone ask) this question?!?!?!

"You know Alex, no I don't think we need to win this game to make the playoffs. In fact I think we can lose all of our remaining games and still make the playoffs. Hell, we may not even play the game tonite, we may just forfeit and go home early."

Jeezus, do we need an act of congress to eliminate these completely useless "media" personnel?


Never let anyone say the Eagles are not an multi-faceted team, more than willing to spread the, well not wealth... spread the waste.They put their multi-faceted-ness on display last nite in the first quarter alone.

Offense - Jeremy Maclin fumbles

Defense - On the Bengals ensuing drive Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie fails to make a pick six interception despite the fact that the ball was thrown right to him.

Special Teams - Not long after the Eagles’ special teams implodes (again), this time allowing the Bengals to penetrate the backfield and essentially block a punt for all intents and purposes.

Yessir, the Eagles are a well rounded team.


NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock went just a little (under statement) overboard in his praise for Eagles safety Colt Anderson. Hell if you believe Mayock, you would think he was the second coming of Brian Dawkins for chrissakes.

Ease up on the praise there Mikey, there's a reason Colt's a career special teamer.

NO ADRIANRocky photo: snarkysmachine.wordpress.com

What in the name of "I Ain't Got No Locker, Mick" is going on with the Eagles incessant playing of Rocky music every time the opposing offense has a 3rd down? Every single time? Really? Do they think the Eagles defenders will suddenly become inspired to, dare I say it, hit someone?


Bryce Brown is a very impressive looking running back for many reasons. Brown’s inability to hold onto the ball, however, is not one of those reasons. While not a turnover technically, when he dropped the shuttle pass in the 2Q near the end zone, he displayed once again the propensity for not being able to hold onto the ball.

And then his fumble in the 3Q... If he keeps this up he will be Brown out.


How did it not start snowing buckets last night the minute the Eagles’ defense got their second turnover in the first half? Two turnovers in one half! Clearly that was a reason for the heavens to open and snow to fall or some other meteorological malady to occur, right?

Holy Moses two in one half. Be still my heart.


I honestly don't know so help me out here.

Is the Eagles’ special teams' continued pathetic and inept play a sign of poor coaching, poor play or both? To me it doesn't even matter at this point but just wanted to see what you think.


Another game another game full of blown red zone opportunities. It is really astounding when you stop and think just how inept the Eagles are when they get inside the opposition's twenty yard line. Just another in the long list of reasons Andy Must Go.


Have you EVER seen a professional (and that term is used VERY loosely) turn the ball over FIVE TIMES over a span of FOUR PLAYS? I am almost out of words to describe just how bad this team is.... on SO MANY levels. Russell Dalrymple photo: theonlyschmucks.blogspot.com


Some positives from last night... aside from the aforementioned turnovers that is

*The defensive line was once again very "active" with Brandon Graham. Fletcher Cox, Cullen Jenkins leading the way and yes, Trent Cole, who dispelled rumors he was lost at sea with Russell Dalrymple. Big time kudos if you know who that is without looking it up.

*Nick Foles was very poised in the pocket again and again demonstrated abilities and skills that Michael Vick does not possess.

*The Eagles uniforms were neatly cleaned and pressed, which you know, is important


Three words is all I will say in The Bottom Line this week: FIRE ANDY REID.

Time's yours. Food's mine.

Steve O

steve olenski




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Rocky photo: snarkysmachine.wordpress.com

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