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Eagles fans, don't be stupid and boo Andy Reid Sunday


This Sunday, there’s a very good chance that Andy Reid will be coaching his final home game as the field general of the Philadelphia Eagles. 
Yes, the writing is on the wall. Our frustrations with Big Red can be best expressed by Billy Vargus in a chapter of Philly2Philly’s brand new sports book, “A Snowball’s Chance.” 

“there is nothing more frustrating than to watch Reid make constant coaching mistakes, including never-ending issues with clock management and wasted timeouts, an inability to make in-game adjustments, a refusal to run the ball no matter how advantageous it might be, and a defensive philosophy that causes him to prefer small, undersized performers who cannot stop the run.”


“Actually, there is one thing that is more frustrating, and that's listening to Andy's news conferences after the game, and hearing him say, for the ten-thousandth time, "It's my responsibility. I’ve gotta do a better job. I've gotta do better at putting my players in position to make plays."  And everyone listening knows that he will come out in the ensuing game and do exactly the same things that helped him get beat in this one. And he'll continue to do those things over and over throughout the season. And each time he'll talk about doing a better job next time.”

Yep. That pretty much sums it up. But despite the last several Eagles seasons that have had their share of more lows than highs, there was a time when the Birds were THE team in this town.

Four straight NFC Championship Games (five overall) and a trip to the Super Bowl, just in case anybody needs reminding (because to be fair, it really does seem like a LONG time ago). And while we never got the ending we wanted, it was the greatest stretch of Eagles football in team history, Reid was at the helm, and that’s why Eagles fans should show their appreciation Sunday for the good Reid has done- as opposed to booing him for the team’s overall failures over the past few years.

I get it: NONE of us our happy with the Eagles, and it appears at times Reid’s head isn’t even in the game anymore. While there should be no excuse for the team’s overall shoddy performance, I personally feel the players are getting off way too easily.  Reid isn’t the one on the field turning the ball over 56 times a game (or at least it feels like it’s that many). This is one of several reasons the Eagles are 4-10, but we don’t have enough time in this article for every reason why they stink.

In saying that, Sunday shouldn’t be just about 2012, it should be about the majority of the 14 years of Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia- which was mostly successful. When they show Reid on the video scoreboard, do the right thing, everyone. I’m not saying clap as if there was no tomorrow, but don’t boo. I’m not just saying this because we just wrote a book on topics just like these. You’ll just set yourself up for the media to land another unnecessary stereotype on us that will last 40-plus years. We already have enough of those, so just play it cool and show some class. You showed this when Donovan McNabb returned to Lincoln Financial Field as a Redskin, you showed this last August when Reid lost his son, and you should show this if/when Reid walks away.

Which could be very soon.

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