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MLB Fan Cave contest features New Jersey resident & Phillies fan who needs your votes!


There were more than 22,000 applicants who threw their hat in the ring for MLB Network’s Fan Cave contest, and one particular selected finalist is representing Phillies red with pride.Hammonton's Dan Sharp hopes to win MLB Network's Fan Cave contest!

Dan Sharp is 23 year-old Hammonton, New Jersey native, Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate, and life-long Phillies fan who is one of 50 lucky finalists chosen as a candidate for the cave. Sharp is also a former NCAA athlete, so he offers a unique baseball perspective that most of the candidates don’t have. While Sharp is excited to make the early cut, he clearly has his sights set on the big picture.

“Getting this gig would be a life changer,” said Sharp.  “I’ve been a Phillies fan since before I can remember. My father and brother were die-hards, so it was in my blood. I remember being four years old with my big red wiffle ball bat, waving it over my head, pretending I was John Kruk in the back yard. Kruk and Danny Jackson were my favorite Phils growing up. Today, it’s gotta be Chase Utley. Playing the game as long as I have, through college, really made me respect just how hard he plays the game.”

“Living in the Cave would be a dream, if only for the fact that I could see every game. Going to college in North Jersey, and living here after, I am out of market. So it’s been hard having to watch all of my games streaming on my computer and not on the comfort of my couch on the tube.”

This year’s Fan Cave is much different than the one from 2011. A group of 30 finalists will be sent to Arizona for Spring Training, where several challenges will determine the final group, who will spend the summer in the Fan Cave and compete until the last fan is left standing when the World Series ends this October.

You can vote for Dan as many times as you’d like by Wednesday, February 22nd. His video is below. HOWEVER, keep in mind you still have to “vote” for him when you CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!

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