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Brad Lidge thanks Phillies fans with autograph signing at The Sports Cave


Brad Lidge threw the second greatest pitch in Phillies history, and he wanted to thank the fans one last time.

Appearing at
The Sports Cave in Philadelphia (1625 Chestnut Street), Lidge expressed his gratitude toward the city of Philadelphia as well as the fans as he signed autographs from 12:20-2pm. Lidge also discussed the 2008 World Series and his move to Washington for the 2012 baseball season.

“As a baseball player I can just say that this is the greatest city to play for in the world. The fans here have been so incredible for me and my career. If I could personally thank each one of them . When they come up to me on the street and say ‘thanks for what you did,’ I tell them ‘thank you, too’  because without the fans it wouldn’t of happened,” said Lidge, who reports to Spring Training on February 19th.

You can check out the interview here!



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