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Giants win 4th Super Bowl, and the Eagles organization should be embarrassed


It’s almost so ridiculous at this point to where you can’t even get mad about it anymore.

The New York Giants won their fourth Super Bowl last night, making it four more than the Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t care what anybody says, I’ve ragged on Eli Manning for years, but I will not any longer. He is the quarterback Donovan McNabb wishes he could be on his very best day. Eli Manning photo: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Furthermore, the younger Manning is more clutch than his brother Peyton, and chances are he just punched his ticket to Canton with his fourth quarter heroics in this year’s big game.

While his Hail Mary pass to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII may have been luck, his completion to Mario Manningham was pure skill. Just think, if the Eagles kept the Giants in check during their home opener at Lincoln Financial Field, I wouldn’t even be writing about this. They won one more game than the Eagles, everyone. Just one more game.

To be fair, this was nothing but a lose-lose situation for Eagles fans before the game was even played. And for the record, Dennis Bakay and yours truly both predicted the Giants would take the Super Bowl weeks ago.

Think about it. If New England won, we would be talking about Tom Brady, and how he finally won a Super Bowl without the use of a camcorder while he goes home to his super model wife. I think what really rattles my chain more than anything here is that the Eagles’ brass should be absolutely humiliated by this turn of events. Jeffrey Lurie’s mentor Robert Kraft  has reached yet another Super Bowl, and The “Gold Standard” has seen two different Giants teams make the playoffs with very little fanfare, only to walk away with two trophies. Meanwhile, McNabb and the big, bad Eagles won nothing. But as usual, everything will remain status quo. And to add insult to injury, nice job picking Brandon Graham over Jason Pierre Paul, guys. How’s that working out for you?

I’m at the same stage with the Philadelphia Eagles as I was during the Phillies' pre-championship years. You can only stand by and watch so much incompetence on behalf of management justifying their actions for so long to the point where you almost think twice about even watching them. That is never a good place when it comes to your sports teams, but excuse after excuse is justified and accepted, and nothing will change. Nothing. Simply put, when competent people who are not puppets are put in positions to improve their team, there are usually good results. Pat Gillick did things his way, the Phillies followed suit for what seemed was the first time ever, and the rest is history. Everybody and their mother has their hands involved with the Eagles, and you see the train wreck that has resulted because of it year after year. Robert Kraft and Jeffrey Lurie photo: bountybowl.com

As far as on the field, I couldn’t help but wonder while watching the game what would have happened if the Eagles has possession of the ball like the Giants did with 2:56 left in the fourth. Well, I’ll tell you: the Patriots would be Super Bowl Champions right now. It wouldn’t be a question of how Andy Reid would screw up the clock, it would be how many ways he would screw up the clock.

Moreover, do you see DeSean Jackson giving it his all to make the catch Manningham caught? Or better yet, do you see Michael Vick throwing that kind of pass? There’s really no use venting about this, because next year’s results for the Eagles will be the same. Would you really be surprised if some team like the Lions or even the Panthers were raising the Lombardi Trophy next year? It seems almost everyone else has. I don't even want to get into the draft, as history shows they will more than likely screw it up and pass on Luke Kuechly.

And to top it off, we now have to get harassed from obnoxious Giants fans about their team and how our team is ringless. Lurie should be forced to surrender 1 million dollars of his billion dollar estate to the Eagles’ fanbase everytime we are forced to hear this crap while he flies away on his private jet, impervious to any well deserved criticism his organization merits. I know, I know, it was just a joke, but I bet the Eagles would win a Super Bowl a lot sooner than later if he did.  

There is nothing more that needs to be said here. Now I know how the New York Mets feel while the Phillies wrack up division titles and a World Series title. While some of the Giants’ success has been luck, most of it is simply what happens when a team does the right things at the right time, and capitalizes on every opportunity possible to put themselves in a position to win.

They’ve done it four times on football’s biggest stage.

We’re still waiting here in Philadelphia for that.


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