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Philadelphia Eagles Are Quiet Thus Far in NFL Free Agency


Thus far, the Philadelphia Eagles are having a rather quiet start to free agency aside from signing their own players in Todd Herremans and Trent Cole to extensions.  With free agency's first day behind us, they have not gone out to get anyone to improve their swiss cheese defense.

Meanwhile, top-notch free agents are being scooped up faster than iPad 5's. The Tampa Bay Bucs, who have been the most active thus far, are said to be interested in Curtis Lofton, who could really help the Eagles. The Bucs have already signed guard Carl Nicks, CB Eric Wright, and wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Mario Williams still remains unsigned, but as time goes on their chances of locking him up decrease. Unless of course they secretly flew him into PHL International airport - he won't be an Eagle today. Williams reportedly visited the Bills yesterday, but nothing else was reported as far as a possible offer.

Williams is reportedly going to visit other teams, before making his decision. Now just who those "other teams" are is a mystery at this point.

The Eagles did however trade Winston Justice and a 6th round pick to the Colts for their 6th round pick. I can't stress enough how important it is for them to move up in the 6th round so they can draft an offensive linemen out of North Dakota State.

DeSean Jackson will gripe unless he gets an extension now that the Bucs threw huge money at Vincent Jackson. That combined with Pierre Garcon's deal with the Redskins make the Eagles' chances of signing Jackson a little more difficult.

It's still too early to rip the Eagles for failing to be proactive this offseason, but it's been a quiet first day thus far.

UPDATE 4:46 P.M. - Eagles sign DeSean Jackson to 5-year contract extension

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