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DeSean Jackson deserved a one-way ticket out of town, not an extension


Just in case you hadn’t figured out by now, my stock in DeSean Jackson has been reduced to practically nothing after his performance last season for the Philadelphia Eagles- on and off the field.Photo: 123tagged.com
Jackson played a decent part in the “Dream Team” debacle, missing an important team meeting that led to his benching in what would become a shocking 21-17 loss at the hands of the pathetic Arizona Cardinals. That win alone would have put the Eagles in the playoffs.

Make no mistake, I’m not pinning the entire season on Jackson’s shoulders here. There’s plenty of blame to go around for what happened in 2011 with the Birds. However, Jackson’s lousy attitude was a microcosm for the team’s issues, and it was on display the entire season.

Philadelphians don’t take too kindly to players who don’t give it their all, and Jackson should be no exception. Although he  eventually apologized for his behavior last year, Jackson really should apologize to all those long-suffering Eagles fans who have to wait yet another year for a possible Super Bowl. You know, the true die-hards who spend money they don’t have to religiously tailgate and wear face paint on Sundays at the Linc. They shelled out a nice chunk of change to watch him sulk, and that stinks. If the Eagles had any wherewithal, they would have taken offers for Jackson to try and get something decent in return for him, which Adam Schefter reported back in February.

However, the Eagles, who use the art of illusion better than David Copperfield, let bygones be bygones and rewarded Jackson Wednesday with a five-year contract through the year 2016 for a reported $51 million dollars. Make no mistake, Jackson is a true talent, but lost in all the mix here is whether he (Jackson is only listed at 5-10 and 175 pounds) can become a true, elite wide receiver in the vein of a player like Calvin Johnson. Furthermore, the Eagles were never ones to reward arrogance (see Terrell Owens), which makes this deal all the more surprising, or so it seems. This organization might be pretentious, but one thing they do well is cover their tracks (ie: incentive-laden contracts) when their best interests are concerned. According to ESPN, the team can rid themselves of Jackson after 2013  due to the way the contract is structured.

At the risk of sounding self-righteous, I personally find it hard to cheer for somebody who I know pretty much dogged it for my team during an entire season. Despite my opinions, I have nothing personal against DeSean Jackson, but how do I know he won’t quit on my team again?  Was it just money last year? I’ll still watch every Eagles game this year, just as I’ve done since I was ten years old.  As the years pass however, this team is becoming harder and harder to root for.

And on Wednesday, they showed exactly why.

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