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Could Freddy Galvis be the Phillies’ Future Second Baseman?


One would imagine it probably wasn’t easy for Freddy Galvis as he awaited the news regarding Jimmy Rollins’ future in a Phillies uniform during the off-season. After all, Galvis went from possibly becoming the Phightins’ starting shortstop in 2012, but now has to wait three years or more to succeed Rollins.

Let’s face it, chances are Galvis will not be in the Phillies organization in 2014 unless he’s playing another position. And that could be...ahem....second base.Photo: phoulballz.com

Yes, I know. This of course is Chase Utley’s domain, but the elephant in the room that is getting smaller and smaller is whether Utley can return to his 2005-2009 form this season. Utley has yet to have an at-bat this Spring, and GM Ruben Amaro’s words of “he seems fine” in regards to Utley’s health are not exactly reassuring. Who knows? Maybe the Phillies are being extra cautious with Utley, whose contract expires after 2013.

A few years back, it would seem hard to fathom that the Phillies would ever allow Utley to leave via free agency, but now it’s anybody’s guess as to how his Phillies career will end.

I know I’m jumping the gun here, but would the Phillies ever consider turning over the reins at second to Galvis after the Utley era is over? Defensively, scouts say that he's ready to play at the big league level. Offensively, Galvis is more in the vein of Larry Bowa than Utley or Rollins, but he did hit .298 in his short stay at Lehigh Valley last year. If he can do the little things to help the Phillies win, the team may sacrifice some power at second for a player who (dare I say it) would participate in the world of small ball. When was the last time the Phillies had an everyday player like that? Mickey Morandini? Kevin Stocker? Milt Thompson? Ricky Otero? Yep, I went there.

On a side note, Placido Polanco and Shane Victorino’s contracts expire after this season. Chances are Polanco will not return, but what type of player the Phillies are looking for in their lineup will most likely determine how and where they could use Galvis in 2013 and beyond. Barring a major injury to a bench player or starter this Spring, he'll most likely start the season in Triple-A.

More importanly, Utley hopefully has some some baseball left in him and we don’t need to think about the future just yet.

Stay tuned.

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