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Pittsburgh Penguins proving to Flyers and NHL how classless they really are


The Pittsburgh Penguins are showing everybody what a classless bunch of cheap shot artists, whiners, and complainers they really are by their actions in their 8-4 loss to the Flyers on Sunday.Thumbnail: Bruce Bennett/GETTY IMAGES

And the biggest instigator of them all? None other than Sidney Crosby. Whether he was tussling with Claude Giroux, grabbing Scotty Hartnell or jawing at Brayden Schenn, Crosby typlifies everything we despise about the Penguins.

Then there’s Arron Asham and James Neal. Asham cross checked Schenn and proceeded to sucker punch him while he was on the ground, while Neal levelled Sean Couturier and hit Giroux in the head later in the game which resulted in a bruhaha. Four players received 10-minute misconduct penalties, including Neal.

Basically, the Penguins are down 0-3 and are taking their frustrations out on the Flyers by playing dirty. Their behavior is what John Tortorella and the rest of us in Philly know about them. They are now showing their true colors to the rest of the entire hockey world.

There is SO much to talk about here, so sheck out Philly2Philly’s partnering site Orange Update/ Buzz On Broad for a great recap by Rob Giannone right HERE!

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Thumbnail: Bruce Bennett/GETTY IMAGES