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Kwame Brown a microcosm for Sixers' eternal mediocrity


Did you hear the news? The Lakers got Steve Nash!! 

Meanwhile, the Sixers just signed Kwame Brown!

Kwame Brown photo: Getty Images
This my friends, is the difference between a franchise that has 17 NBA titles, and one that has three.

You probably know this already, but the former is not us.

Now granted, Kobe Bryant is a huge selling point in regards to the Nash deal, but just answer me this: How in the world can this franchise (new owners and all) sell us this bill of goods and expect us to jump up and down? Do they really expect us to buy our Sixers season tickets over the signing of Kwame Brown? I understand he's cheaper than the amnestied Elton Brand, but really?...........

Brown, the former No. 1 pick out of high school for the Doug Collins coached Wizards, has averaged just 6.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in his career. The Sixers signed him for two years and $6 million dollars.

I would rather give $6 million to Lee Majors to sit on my bench (you’re supposed to laugh) than someone like Brown, who reportedly clashed at times with Collins during his stay in Washington.

This comes right off the heels of the Sixers signing often-injured center Spencer Hawes to a two- year deal to the tune of  $13 million. And better yet, there’s talk of moving Hawes to power forward, where he never even played last season.

I understand there’s an issue with cap room here, but I really have a problem with every team in their division improving and the Sixers are again staying average. That means another year of Andre Iguodala, seeing whether Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner  can get consistent, and the team’s continuing fascination with players at the 3 spot (Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, the now-injured rookie Moe Harkless, and newly acquired Dorell Wright).

This team has to get a lot worse before it ever seriously contends again.

Who knows? Maybe that’s why they got Kwame Brown.

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