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Andy Reid's agent Bob LaMonte adds to yearly drama at Eagles training camp


It has been exactly one week since Andy Reid buried his son Garrett, but apparently it’s business as usual for his agent, Bob LaMonte.
Just three days ago, LaMonte spoke with several reporters at Eagles camp and shared the following tidbit with Philly.com’s Jeff McLane regarding the future status of Reid as Eagles coach- according to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.
Lurie "has stated again and again, any time that I’ve been with him, that was as long as he’s the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid would be his coach," LaMonte said. "And I’d say the proof of the pie is in the pudding. He’s been here 14 years.”
What LaMonte forgot to add to the end of that was Reid still hasn’t won a Super Bowl. And judging by Lurie’s statements several months back, Reid’s job is to be evaluated yearly. Lurie didn’t get where he is by being stupid, so hours later, he released this statement in response to LaMonte’s claim- reinforcing his January sentiments concerning Reid’s status.
"Bob is a great agent who we have an outstanding relationship with," Lurie said. "As much respect as all of us have for Andy Reid, it is the nature of the profession that all coaches, executives and players are evaluated each year. That’s the way we have always operated. But our focus right now, and I know Andy feels the same way, is solely on the upcoming 2012 season."
Regardless of what Lurie “apparently” told LaMonte behind closed doors, does anyone else find it absolutely tactless that LaMonte had the audacity to show up at Lehigh four days after Reid’s son was put to rest and start this nonsense? You seriously couldn’t wait until the beginning of the season? Reid is LaMonte’s client. I get it. But I don’t get the timing here. Using the lowest point in your client’s life to garner sympathy from his owner in regards to his future?

Now I’m about to do something I really didn’t want to do: possibly point the finger at Reid. When you think about it, you have to wonder if LaMonte just did this without warning, or if Reid put him up to it. You would think that Reid has other concerns at this time, and I hope this is indeed the case. As of right now, the community is behind him, albeit under circumstances not pertaining to football. If this ever got out (and it never would, even if it was true) that Reid gave LaMonte the green light for this, well, let’s just put it this way: there would be very few (if any) Reid backers anywhere after that. Whether it’s Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, or contract issues with DeSean Jackson, I’ve never seen so much drama surrounding a football team year after year who has won nothing meaningful than one conference championship almost ten years ago.

Will Andy Reid get his contract extension?

Will Lurie have a change of heart?

Will the Eagles finally win a Super Bowl in Reid’s 14th year as head coach?

Will this yearly drama ever stop at Eagles training camp?

Man, I sure hope so.





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