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Michael Vick too injury prone for Eagles not to have solid backup


When Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham slammed Michael Vick to the ground in the first quarter in the Birds’ 27-17 victory, all of Philadelphia held its collective breath.
Again.Photo: Mark L. Baer, US Presswire
For the second consecutive week, Vick left the game and received X-rays (this time on his ribs). Once again, they were negative (as you may recall, Vick smashed his hand last week against the Steelers), but you have to wonder how long the Eagles can get away with Vick getting the tar knocked out of him time and time again. As a precautionary measure, Vick will undergo an MRI on his ribcage when he returns to Philadelphia.

Man, this is just the preseason!

Yes, I’ve come to accept the fact that Michael Vick will eat the grass of every NFL stadium he plays in this season. Each time this happens, Vick runs the risk of either missing several games, or worse. He never gives up on a play, which is what you’d like to see out your quarterback, and maybe this wouldn’t be an issue of the offensive line blocked better. Remember Randall Cunningham in 1991 and 1993? Exactly. This has ‘season-ending injury’ written all over it.

Rookie quarterback Nick Foles stepped in for Vick and proceeded to complete 24 of 38 passes, which led to four touchdowns and one interception. Foles was also impressive last week against the Steelers in limited activity, going 6 for 10 with two touchdowns and no interceptions. With other Eagles backup Mike Kafka nursing a hand injury, Foles will most be the team’s backup going into the regular season. Although Foles has has looked impressive in the early going, don’t get carried away just yet, Eagles fans. I have two words for you: Bobby Hoying. Yep, I went there, because I had to.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize if Vick goes down, and Foles turns into Hoying, the Eagles are screwed. Bigtime. Yes, Kafka knows the offense, but do you REALLY want him at the helm for any amount of time? Trent Edwards? The same Trent Edwards who didn’t even play in the NFL last year who is now fourth on the Birds’ depth chart?  We haven’t even discussed how tough the Eagles’ schedule is this season to begin with if Vick is able to play at least half the year. I’m not exactly seeing visions of Jeff Hostetler or Tom Brady dancing in my head in regards to any backups currently on this team. If the Eagles have a hope in hell of trying to reach the Super Bowl this season, it’s Vick or nobody. And if the Eagles are smart, they’ll keep their eyes on the first set of NFL cuts on August 28th. Because each hit Michael Vick takes on the field brings us one step closer to that reality.

Just sayin’........


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Photo: Mark L. Baer/US Presswire