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Andy Reid Issues Statement Regarding His Son Garrett Reid's Death


From the time the story first broke on Sunday morning, there was plenty of speculation surrounding the death of Garrett Reid, the son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid. An emotional Howie Roseman addressed the media that morning and said that Andy Reid had left training camp after his son Garrett's body was discovered that morning in his dorm room in Lehigh.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic photo: radaronline.com

Jeffrey Lurie, who was extremely emotional nearly lost control while addressing the media. The enormity of this tragedy cannot be put into words.

Garrett Reid and his brother Britt Reid were widely known to have a troubled past, which including multiple incidents involving drugs several years back. However, the two brothers had appeared to turn the corner in recent years. Garrett Reid was becoming involved with the team and went to training camp in Lehigh to help out the Eagles' strength coaches.

In his statement, Andy Reid said “Garrett's road through life was not always an easy one. He faced tremendous personal challenges with bravery and spirit. As a family, we stood by him and were inspired as he worked to overcome those challenges. Even though he lost the battle that has been ongoing for the last eight years, we will always remember him as a fighter who had a huge, loving heart."

They key thing Andy said in the statement was that Garrett "lost his battle" in the end. This most definitely signals that his life ended as a result of his addiction. .

Garrett Reid's attorney backed up Reid's statement by stating, "We all thought he had control of his demons. But it's a horrible, horrible, horrible disease — addiction...There's nothing more that could have been done than what was done for this child by his parents."

There isn't a single person reading this article who doesn't know someone in their family or have a friend who has battled addiction in the past. This doesn't just pertain to illegal drugs. It can encompass alcohol abuse or the abuse of prescription drugs..

Unfortunately for the Reid family, this affliction has hit them in a way they will never truly recover from. They say the worst thing an adult can experience is the loss of a child.

The entire Eagles organization is mourning the loss of a member of their family, having "lost one of their own". Now everyone will band together and unite so they can try to recover from this tragic loss.

Garrett Reid was just 29 years old.

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