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Eagles squeak by Browns 17-16: The Morning After


Hello campers!

Welcome back to another year of The Morning After. I know there's been a void in your collecitve lives since we spoke last but rest easy, the TMA is back, baby. Although judging by the looks of things in yesterday's game, not much as changed since our last encounter - at least on the offensive side of the ball.

Let's see we had a QB who has absolutely no idea what the concept "Pre Snap Read" means, is prone to just God-awful decisions and still steadfastly refuses to slide head first. TMA

And before we move on, my official prediction for the Eagles this year is 9-7 and on the outside looking in re: the playoffs which should, presumably so, mean the end of the Andy Reid era. And my omnipresent partner, MQ, sees the Birds going 11-5 and winning the NFC East Division. 

It's good to be back, now let's get to getting...


**New Feature Alert**

As you know the TMA is constantly trying new features. new ideas, etc. in an effort to entertain and inform you, our loyal fans. Not every idea is a good one as witnessed by last year's video TMA experiment - would you believe I was on a tremendous of mind-altering medications? How else to describe that disaster.

Anywho, this year we're proud to introduce By Defintion Alone, a new feature whereby we'll select one word which we think best describes or sums up each Eagles game. 

The word we've chosen for Week 1 is "delusional."

Delusional is an adjective meaning "having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions." And this word is quite appropriate for two reasons. One to describe the feeling one got eagles browns week 1listening to Andy Reid in his press conference where he claimed Michael Vick was rusty for having most of the preseason and two to describe the overriding sense of optimism the national media has when it comes to the Eagles this year. 

The latter is just another example of a collective group of "journalisists" all buying into the Eagles "mystique" whatever that is. But the former is just play flat out delusional with a captial D. How can you Andy Reid play the "rusty" card after watching his QB make one bad decision after another. If Vick had been on off on his timing, which he was to some extent, then yes, rusty would be a fine descriptor. 

But what does lack of preseason playing time have to do with throwing the ball into double, and triple-coverage? 

So the word for this week kids is "delusional."


Is it me or have the replacement officials had a hard time identifying the jersey number of a player commiting a penalty? It happended at least twice yesterday and countless times during the preseason. 

How hard can it be to a) see a penalty then b) announce the number of the offender?

I mean it can't be any harder than throwing the flag when a defensive lineman rams his head or arm into the head of an opposing QB, right?

Oh wait, that's right the faux zebras missed at least two instances yesterday where Michael Vick had his head whacked without even a peep of a flag. 

And speaking of numbers, what do the following numbers represent? 12, 7, 0

They are, in order:

*The number of penalties the Eagles committed yesterday

Tthe number of times LeSean McCoy ran the ball in the first half

*And the number of times McCoy touched the ball after the Eagles moved to first and goal before scoring the go-ahead TD. In other words, Andy Reid and Marty Morninwheg were lucky the Eagles scored for if they had not and they had not given the ball to McCoy... well I think you can imagine the outcry


Remember when Ed Wade became the Astros GM? How great was it watching the 'Stros slip further into oblivion as the Phils would fleece them for the likes of Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence. (Yes I know Pence was a bust but work with me)

Now doesn't it seem like the Cleveland Browns have become to the Eagles what the Astros became the Phillies? Joe Banner, Sheldon Brown, Juqua Parker, Brad Childress and Pat Shurmur to name a few of the Brownies who have Eagles ties. 

To me the perfect example of Browns/Eagles connection came late in the first half. The Browns had a 3rd down and short and elected to throw the ball to a fullback, a player who rarely touches the ball and in fact had not touched the ball up to that point in the game. 

Of course the play failed (incomplete pass) as how could anyone expect a player who rarely touches the ball to make such a key conversion? Ah but that's just it. We Eagles fans have seen this same scenario play out ad nauseaum during the Reid Reign. 

The play was actually very pivotal as well in that the incomplete pass stopped the clock, and allowed the Eagles to save their last timeout which they ultimately used right before scoring their first TD of the game.


*How telling is it when one of your best players is your punter? Chas Henry had himself a whale of a game but he is the punter.

*It was nice to the Eagles Offensive Line come together so well as they each decided to commit at least one penalty although I think Todd Herremans did not partipate in the penalty party. Maybe next time, Todd.

*Do you think we can stop worrying about whether DeMeco Ryans can play or not? At least for one week anyway. The man can play, kids. 

*Early returns are just that, early. But the Eagles run defense looks much improved and in no small part to the aforementioned Mr. Ryans.

*Dick Stockton looks good for 130, doesn't he? We kid Dick, we kid. We love you. 

*I don't know about you but after Vick's last interception I was openly calling for Nick Foles. Not for the rest of the year mimd you but at least for the rest of the game. Don't tell you weren't too. 


I know a win is a win is a win but Lord almighty that was one butt ugly win. 

Time's yours. Food's mine.

'Til next time.

steve olenski





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Photo of Vick against the Browns from AP


9:41 AM
Mon Sep 10 2012
TMA Eagles/Browns

Good to be back.  Longtime reader.  I have to take issue with you calling Reid delusional regarding his calling Vick "rusty".  How is that delusional?  Without the benefit of a pre-season, rusty is exactly what Vick is.  Secondly your belief that the national media is somehow "buying into the Eagles mystique" regarding their optimism on the Eagles upcoming season is, quite frankly, a little crazy on your part, no?  What does that even mean?  How can a group of journalists, otherwise unrelated, all come to the same conclusion that the Eagles will have a good season?  By objectively looking at the roster and schedule and making an informed opinion, that's how.   Your disdain for the Eagles in general and Reid in particular is once again blatantly apparent.  Go Birds!