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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Patriots and Ravens Rise While the Packers and Giants Plunge


Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL Power Rankings. The number in parenthesis represents the ranking the team held in the Pre Season NFL Rankings .

1. (3) Patriots – Not sure if Mr. Brady’s nose was actually broken this past Sunday but the Pats somehow found a way to win. And with very little contribution from Wes Welker.Tom Brady broken nose

2.  Ravens (4) – This was always a team that had many afraid of just how good they could be if they ever got an offense. It’s time to be scared.

3. Niners (5) – Are the Niners the Ravens of the NFC or is the other way around? Either way, these teams were dominating in Week 1.

4. Texans (6) – Not sure if beating the Dolphins should even count this year.

5.  Bears (8) – Is it a theme this year? The Bears fall into the Ravens/Niners mix of teams with good defenses that now have legitimate offenses.

6. Falcons (9) – Weren’t the Chiefs supposed to be much improved? Matty Ice was on fire in Week 1.

7.  Giants (1) – Are the Cowboys that good? Or was that a little Super Bowl hangover?

8. Broncos (13) – I know it’s only one game but… for a second I thought I was watching the Colts circa 2003.

9. Packers (2) – A huge drop in rankings and the way the Packers Defense played Sunday, this could be just the start of an even bigger drop.

10. Lions (10) – A game vs. the Rams that should not have been as close as it ended up being.

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