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Eagles slide past Ravens - The Morning After


Morning campers. My what a glorious day it was yesterday for football wasn’t it? It was extra nice for yours truly as I watched the game not only with greatest financial mind since James Cash Penney, MQ - but also my 8-year old son Josh, himself quite the Birds’ devotee to say the least.


And my wasn’t it nice of the Phillies to drop three of four against the ’27 Yankees. Oh wait, that wasn’t the ‘27 Yankees, was it?

Quick: Name three Astros. Oh hell, name one. 

Time’s up.

Let’s get to getting... 


Under the “more things change” headline, I give you Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco who, in case you missed it, came into this game on a monster hype machine following his stellar performance against the Ben-gals last week. This week against a “real” NFL defense, Flacco looked flustered and frustrated for the better part of the entire game. 

The local product is a very good NFL quarterback, don’t get me wrong. But we all bore witness to just how mercurial the NFL is and more importantly the national media for one would’ve thought young Mr. Flacco was the second coming of Joe Montana. And now? Well he’s not quite Hannah Montana but... let’s just say he’s somewhere in the middle and don’t believe everything you hear about a given player after just one game.

Conversely under the umbrella of “the more they stay the same” I give you the Philadelphia Eagles and in particular Michael Vick

Another week, another game full of head-scratching decisions leading to one turnover after another. Vick’s play of late is reminiscent of 1993 when Phillies fans were often reaching for the Mylanta every time a certain closer would enter the game, right Mitchy Poo?

All of this leads very nicely into...


There can only be one word coming out of yesterday’s game and that word is “precarious.” An adjective meaning “exposed to or involving danger; dangerous; perilous; risky:”

Clearly the Eagles are playing very precariously what with their seemingly bizarre penchant for turning the ball over numerous times, only to prevail in the end, against all odds. 

Can this type of living dangerously continue? Of course not. Obviously this high-wire act is going to catch up to them sooner or later. 


Andy Reid and his disciples - former assistants who are now either head coaches or assistants on other teams - you have to love them. They are so easy to spot for they each have at least one Reid idiosyncrasy they took with them after leaving the Eagles. 

In John Harbaugh’s case, it was the hiring of an offensive coordinator then insisting on said coordinator run plays that defy all logic. 

Not once, but twice during yesterday’s very close, tight game the Ravens were faced with a crucial 3rd down and 2 and not once, but twice did the Ravens NOT hand the ball off to their all-world running back Ray Rice

Of course neither 3rd down play that was called resulted in a first down.

Does this scenario sound all-too familiar or what?


Another title for this section could be “A Tale of Two Chas” for as much as last week was the best of times, this week was certainly the worst of times for Eagles’ punter Chas Henry. 

In a game this close, where the two opponents are evenly matched (unlike last week when the Eagles were clearly the better team, despite what they showed on the field) - having a reliable punter to help control field position is vital.

And Chas, booby... you blew it. I don’t know what his average was yesterday and I don’t care what it was. I have eyes and what I saw was a punter who had multiple chances to help his team but did not. 

Paging Matt McBriar... 


Long time readers of the TMA will recognize the above as our way of introducing some thoughts on the officials during the proceeding game. 

They will also know the name Zebra Three is the call-sign for a famous detective duo’s car from the 1970’s. (Answer below)

But as for the officials, or zebras yesterday, Lord, where do I start?Starsky and Hutch photo: tylerwhite.xomba.com

At one point during the game MQ said to me “it looks the officials would rather be anywhere but here.” What he meant by that was they looked petrified, horrified even that they would make a call that would ultimately decide the outcome of the game.

And that is precisely what nearly happened. 

The play I am referring to of course is the play that preceded the game-winning touchdown in which Michael Vick’s left arm was hit while attempting a pass. Clearly his arm was moving forward - any fool could see that, right Dan Dierdorf? 

Is his middle name Switzerland by the way because he is the most neutral announcer ever. Hell even Greg Gumble openly questioned how the officials, especially the referee could rule that anything but an incomplete pass. 

But the zebras ruled it a fumble - which would have won the game for the Ravens. Only after instant replay did they get the call right. To say that call was horrifically bad and inept beyond all recognition would be a gross understatement. 

Of course we also had the two-minute warning debacle, the pathetically bad spot on Vick’s key run in the 3rd Quarter and countless other bone headed calls and non-calls. 

Mr. Goodell, et al, please do us all a favor and make nice with the real zebras, fast. 

As for my impromptu trivia question above, Zebra Three was the call-sign for the classic red Torino with white stripe driven by David Starsky and Ken (Hutch) Hutchinson. 

Time's yours. Food's mine.

'Til next time.

steve olenski





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10:01 AM
Mon Sep 17 2012
As I posted last week there

As I posted last week there might be more to the reasoning that Vick not having a pre-season has a lot to do with this early season penchant for interceptions.  He was better yesterday than last week, but granted, still way, way too many questionable throws.  But you have to admit there were some pretty fine throws also.  Let's hope he just keeps getting better.  You cannot argue with the outcomes though.  Not yet anyway.   If you get the chance take a look at the Baltimore Comcast Sports Network..  Flacco and Lewis pretty much blaming the refs for the loss.  Given, the refs were horrible but they didn't cost the Ravens the game.  Not giving it to Ray Rice on 3rd down did.  Finally, I have not checked the overnight  police blotter yet, but I am pretty sure Ray Lewis continued his weekly non-murdering streak.  Keep it up Ray.