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Eagles manhandled by Cardinals: The Morning After


Morning campers,

Trust everyone had a great weekend. I have to take this opportunity to say happy birthday, again, to my wife Rock, my wife Terri. It was her first birthday without her mom who passed away earlier this year. So happy birthday Smit (inside reference), I love you.

Ok enough of that mushy crap, let’s get to getting.

Had My Phil…

While not mathematically eliminated, the Phillies are dead in the water and I just want to take a few seconds to touch on where I think things went wrong for the Fightins this year.


Obviously, at least to me it’s obvious, you have to start with the bullpen, which for the most part was bulls#&t. Ruben Amaro has to take a hit for Chad Qualls and the rest of the dreck that was in the pen this year, save for Jonathan Papelbon.

Another place to lay blame is at the feet or knee of Chase Utley, who normally gets a pass. How could he not have known he would not be ready for the start of the season? Couple that with the loss of Ryan Howard and the Phils’ offense was offensive for the better part of the year. There are other reasons for sure, including the Phils’ defensive woes and overall fundamental lapses. But the above, in my estimation, are the two biggest reasons the Phils will be home this October watching the playoffs with the rest of us

Delay of the Game…

Holy Moses, what was that in the 2nd Quarter? First you had the Eagles inexplicably accepting a holding penalty despite having sacked Cardinals’ QB Kevin Kolb. Then you had the Keystone Cops (AKA the replacement officials) once again make a mockery of the game – yes I went there, it is a mockery.

The overall delay was at least 10 minutes. No, I didn’t count but I’m sure someone did. Regardless, these delays are becoming more commonplace, and yesterday’s 2Q was just another example of the complete ineptitude of the fill-in zebras.

Vick Is Not So Quick…

The debacle that was the end of the first half was merely a microcosm of the entire Michael Vick  Eagle career, save for that stretch a few years back where clearly his body was invaded, snatched and replaced by someone else.Vick AP Photo/Paul Connors

With just six seconds left on the clock, holding onto the ball too long should have never come into the equation. But once again, there was #7 holding onto the ball entirely too long. Yes, his OL failed him again, but there is just no way on God’s green earth should Vick ever hold onto the ball for as long as he did.

Rapid Fire…

*Déjà vu all over again kids with blown defensive assignments, missed tackles, horrific play calling, and an overall listless, lifeless football team

*Fantastic tribute to the late, great Steve Sabol by NFL Films. Just a fabulous understated yet poignant commercial tribute to an American icon

*Brian Billick is one smart guy and just in case you forgot, he throws out words like “capitulate” to show just how smart he really is.

*I am no math major Lord knows but help me out here. The Eagles were down 24-3 with a 4th and 5 on or near the Cardinals 20 at the end of the 3Q. Instead of going for it on 4th down, they elected to kick a field goal. So instead of being down 3 scores, they were, after the successful field goal, down… three scores.


Even if they missed on 4th down, they would have still been down three scores!

*This just in, the Eagles OL is um, what’s the word… pathetically atrocious? Yes, Michael Vick holds the ball too long but there are just as many plays where the Demetreus Bells of the world were beaten right from the snap, thereby giving Vick no time, literally, to do anything.

*Can you please tell me how the Eagles did not force one turnover from Kevin Kolb?

*Last thing… Was this game indicative of the “real” Eagles’ team? Are they a turnover-prone machine that got lucky the first two weeks? Or are they a legitimate Super Bowl contender that’s still trying to get everything in rhythm?

After yesterday’s game, I’m leaning heavily to the former.

Time’s yours. Food’s mine.

Till Next time,

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AP Photo/Paul Connors


8:15 AM
Mon Sep 24 2012
In the immortal words of our

In the immortal words of our bestest buddy and big toe, Sargeant Hulka, "Calm down, Frances".  One game does not a season make.  I will make no excuses for the retched play yesterday.  They just flat out stunk, but I am not about to bail on this season.  Believer it or not I did see some good points.  Aside from that last drive of the game, when the line  had to be flat- out exhausted, I thought the d-line did a pretty good job shutting down the run.  Nice drive at the end of the first half until...well, I think you already addressed what happened next. Celek continues to impress.  Avant had a couple nice catches. This is a pretty good Cardinals team, just go ask the Patriots.  So, just write this one off.  Big game this week.  We're going to be fine.