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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Texans Making a Serious Statement


Welcome to Week 4 of the NFL Power Rankings. Thank goodness, the replacement officials can go back to Foot Locker. Because good God, there was no way possible Mr. Goodell could packers seahawksever explain Monday night's Seahawks/Packers debacle.

The number in parenthesis represents the ranking the team held in the previous week.

1. Texans (2) - If Matt Schaub stays healthy (a big if mind you), the rest of the AFC is in serious trouble kids cause this team is flat out stacked

2. Falcons (3) - Matty Ice looks cool, Julio Jones is a stud-in-the-making and the Falcons look a lot like the Texans of the NFC

3. Ravens (5) - Was the field goal good or not? Not sure but what we do know is the replacement officials have got to go... NOW.

4. Giants (7) - Is it me or does it seem like the Giants can essentially can turn it on whenever they want to?

5. Niners (1) - A bump in the road vs. the Vikes or something else? They travel across the country this week to play the J*E*T*S.

6. Cardinals (N/A) - A huge climb for the redbirds but after their performances the past two weeks, they clearly deserve it.

7. Patriots (6) - See #3 re: the field goal; this week they head to Orchard Park to face division rival Buffalo

8. Packers (4) - So before the season everyone was worried about the Packers' defense and NOT their offense, right?

9. Seahawks (N/A) - Defense has allowed the fewest points in the NFL (39).

10. Alabama - Sorry, could not find a worthy NFL team for #10.

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Photo of Packers-Seahawks game: Getty Images