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Angels 'Rookie of the Year' Mike Trout talks with Philly2Philly.com


2012 was the perfect storm for Los Angeles Angels Rookie of the Year and South Jersey native Mike Trout. In addition to the other accolades bestowed upon him by Major League Baseball, the 21-year old phenom was a recipient of the Pro Athlete of the Year award at the 109th Annual Philadelphia Sports Writers Awards Dinner Monday night in Cherry Hill, NJ. P2P briefly caught up with the Millville native for a few minutes prior to the dinner. Check it out!

Philly2Philly: You’re rise to stardom in the major leagues has been meteoric, which is funny because one of your nicknames is the Millville Meteor. You got drafted by the Angels in 2009, played briefly with the big club in 2011, then all you do in 2012 is win the AL Rookie of the Year, finish second in the AL MVP voting, make the All-Star team, and win a Silver Slugger Award.  Have you come down from this high yet?
Mike Trout photo: Joe Vallee Sr.

Mike Trout: It’s been a crazy year for me. Really a crazy couple years for me. Just having a chance to play in the big leagues, having your name next to the greats, being in an MVP race, it’s been pretty surreal. I’m looking forward to this year and going out there to try and win the World Series.

P2P: You grew up rooting for the Phillies and were a senior at Millville High School when the team won the World Series in 2008. Could you ever imagine being in the same room with Jimmy Rollins and Cole Hamels and in the major leagues less than five years later?

MT:  Yeah it’s pretty cool. My buddies joke around about that every once in awhile and say “Hey man, let me get his autograph, let me do this, let me do that.”  It’s pretty crazy for me to be in the same group as those guys.

P2P:  What’s the feeling like after coming back to your hometown after the year you’ve had and staying in your old house and going out around Millville? Do people treat you any differently?

MT:  Not too much. It’s not too bad, but people definitely recognize me. Much more than when I was in high school.

P2P: The Angels snagged Josh Hamilton this winter, whom many believe was the crown jewel of free agents. How excited are you to get down to Spring Training and start the season with him in your lineup?

MT:  I’m really excited. I’m one of those guys who looks forward to spring and tries to work real hard to get where he needs to be to start the year.

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Photo: Joe Vallee Sr.