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Eagles beat winless Bucs in Tampa: The Morning After


Good morning campers, 

Yes, we have a full-blown quarterback controversy on our hands (my thoughts on that below) and no I did not see an inordinate amount of Lysol or hand sanitizer along the Eagles’ sidelines during the game. 

There are some painfully obvious truths we can establish about this version of the Philadelphia Eagles. And right at the top of the list is the fact that is very much a work in progress – at least that’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. tma logo 

I realize the Eagles actually won the game and any win in the NFL is a good win but… let’s keep this in perspective boys and girls.  

Let’s get to getting and just wait until you see the unfortunate “product placement” I came across while switching channels before kickoff.  


Sounds like something Jackie Chiles would say, doesn’t it? Well he just might if he too were made aware of what is truly one of those (pick one of those three adjectives above) statistics we hear before every NFL game. 

The brilliant MQ has long been a naysayer of this truly ridiculous stat and it’s high time we do something about it.  

He heard it again today from Eagles’ play-by-play man Merrill Reese. Now this is nothing against Merrill for sure, but he too like so many other announcers feel the need to share this type of completely useless nugget. 

What is it?

“You know Mike (Quick), before the game (Eagles’ kicker) Alex Henery was hitting field goals from 65 in warm ups.”

That’s it.

Why? Why are we constantly being told how far kicker X is making field goals from BEFORE the game!

Who cares?!

Kicker X can make them from the parking lot for all I care, just as long as he makes them when they count.

Kudos to MQ for bringing this long overdue meaningless statistic to light and here’s to ending it from ever being mentioned again on a professional football broadcast again.

SPEAKING OF MR. CHILES…Photo: LithiumRobot.com

We Eagles’ fans may want to hire him in the event we decide to sue the Eagles’ defense for a complete and utter lack of collective talent. Oh sure they’re trying. I will give them that, but they have no consistent pass rush, their secondary is deplorable (save for Bradley Fletcher) and their linebackers (save for Connor Barwin) are mediocre at best.

I can hear Jackie’s opening argument now.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense has been egregious, grievous and nefarious. They must be stopped immediately…”

Oh and I think for kicks and giggles (that’s what happens when the Eagles’ special teams are on the field: they kick and the other team giggles) we’ll include the Eagles’ special teams in the lawsuit.

And while I am on the subject of special teams, I am on record for not wanting to come down on the special teams coach – what’s his name (like it matters) but can someone tell me why DeSean Jackson was not on the field when the Bucs punted from their own end zone?

He already was out there to return one punt earlier in the game. The Bucs punted away from him on that occasion and very likely would have done the same here. But with a shortened field, why was your most dangerous returner not on the field?


The term “product placement” generally means “a practice in which manufacturers of goods or providers of a service gain exposure for their products by paying for them to be featured in movies and television programs.”

We’ve all seen it for sure.

However, there’s also a definition of the term that touches on a given product being placed adjacent to another- as a means for one to play off the other.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned with oftentimes quite humorous results. Here’s a site of some classic examples of poor product placement from the world of advertising and marketing.

Today, however, I want to share a completely different version of the term.

Before the kickoff, as I am apt to do, I decided to do some channel surfing. And no sooner did my surfing ensue when I came across, well, it was unfortunate as you will see
















Now I realize we’re not talking about a product in the traditional sense. However, a TV show is a product in it of itself, and hence the need to refer to this as an example of poor product placement.

I do not know who is responsible for populating the grids we all see every day on our TV guides. It is probably a thankless job or perhaps it is even automated.

Regardless, you have to admit this is a truly unfortunate event that took place and I am almost ashamed to even bring this sophomoric-style humor to your attention.


Snowball's Chance Ad















A good journalist always has sources and a good journalist reveals said sources.

So when I share this inside information with you in a second, please do not ask me where it came from, or else I will have to kill you.

A very trusted, reliable source deep inside the Eagles organization told me yesterday of their draft strategy for the 2014 NFL Draft.

I know this season is not even over yet, but this person was so confident that this will indeed be their strategy, he felt he could share this information with me at this time.

The Philadelphia Eagles 2014 NFL Draft strategy can be summed in 13 words:

"With EVERY pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select DEFENSE."


To me there should be no doubt who should be the Eagles QB moving forward: Matt Barkley. No, I kid.

It should be Nick Foles. Why? Because you have to find out just what this kid has or does not have. Clearly Michael Vick is not the future and the way this team is presently assembed (See: Atrocious Defense) they are not going anywhere this season anyway so why not let Foles play and see once and for all what you've got. 

Last year he had to play behind a wretched offensive line and while this year's OL is not exactly setting the world on fire, the starters are all intact and playing so what better time to make a determination whether Nick Foles is truly an NFL starting QB.


*Once again Vinny Curry does not get any significant playing time. Why?

*Has anyone heard or seen from Todd Herremans? I know there’s someone wearing #79 with his name on the back of the jersey, but that ain’t him. No way. Can’t be. And please, spare me the “it’s tough changing positions so much, Steve.” Baloney. He is playing horribly right now and luckily for him he’s not alone.

*Who doesn’t love Dick Stockton? C’mon, admit it, you love him. I mean who doesn’t love a guy who refers to players as “Sean” Jackson and “Sean” McCoy?

*Who else was moderately-nervous knowing that if Nick Foles went down, your quarterback was Matt Barkley?

*I realize it sounds like I am picking on the defense (I am), but how can every other team, seemingly, generate pressure when they blitz yet the Eagles cannot? Are they that inept? Is the scheme that bad? This is a good time for me to use my favorite on myself: Patience, Steve, patience.

*And finally, Riley Cooper? Riley Cooper? I have to keep reminding myself that it was… Riley Cooper who looked downright acceptable; like he actually belonged in the NFL and not just as the sixth receiver on a five receiver team, either. Ok RC, that was one week and you done good, kid. Now go do it again and again and show us you can do it on a regular basis.


Tell me what you think.

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Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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