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NFL Unfiltered Week 8: Do Eagles need better talent evaluator than Howie Roseman?


Too often, this is how it goes with college coaches.  

They dominate shamateur football, and it excites you. Then, they arrive in the NFL, sometimes auspiciously. But eventually, they fail and fans are left wondering what happened?

Having suffered their 10th consecutive home loss and gone eight straight quarters without scoring an offensive touchdown, the Eagles are a mess. Yes, injuries at quarterback are mitigating factors, but that is the point, isn’t it?  

Didn’t we know both Michael Vick and Nick Foles were prone to injury?  Didn’t Matt Barkley look miscast in Chip Kelly’s offense in April?  

At this stage, there is no debate: the Eagles need at least two new quarterbacks. But, if team owner Jeff Lurie is smart, he will usurp Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman’s authority, and hire a proven NFL talent evaluator.      

There is no mystery to it. Teams with good players win, and teams with good quarterbacks win more.  Photo: nj.com

Anyone with a web browser and ten minutes to spare knows Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater are two of the nation’s top talents. Yet, there is no certainty either player changes the fortunes of a franchise. Plus, the Eagles are too good to acquire one of them.  

More likely, the Eagles are one of those teams that aren’t putrid, but are nowhere near good. That equates to 4-12 at the low end, or 6-10 if they play with pride in the season’s second half. More importantly, it means they must create an opportunity to acquire a difference-making quarterback in the off-season.

That is why the key to the Eagles’ future is getting a grizzled, experienced, NFL executive. Preferably, someone associated with good quarterbacks.

In my view, the three most important people in any NFL franchise are the guy who gets talent, the quarterback, and the head coach. In that order.  Ideally, the head coach is a good talent evaluator, but it isn’t necessary.  Still, someone has to hit on draft picks and free agents, especially when it comes to the most important position in North American sports.  

Undoubtedly, Lurie knows this. The problem is, he thinks Roseman is a cross between Bill Walsh and Steve Jobs. He thinks Roseman is a go-getter, a quick study who knows the nuances of player evaluation. But this isn’t an MBA program, it’s the NFL.  

One look at Roseman’s bio on the Eagles’ official website and you cannot help but notice he is praised for his role in the “major overhaul on the roster” in 2010. Apparently, the Eagles’ marketing staff expects you to ignore the 2010 draft, which yielded two bad starters (Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman), one below average contributor (Riley Cooper) and a first round bust (Brandon Graham).  

Nonetheless, this isn’t just about Roseman’s résumé, it’s also about Kelly’s eye for talent. And from the looks of Barkley, Kelly has no business deciding who the Eagles draft either.  

If you see Barkley differently, consider the words of Ron Jaworski. When asked in a radio interview if he thought Barkley has any attributes worthy of a NFL starting quarterback, he gave a one word answer of “no.”

If you read my columns, you know my stance on Kelly’s hiring  This isn’t to say he doesn’t know offense. Clearly, he does. But again, the quarterback in his scheme is far more important than the scheme itself.  That is the indelible truth about every pro coach, even those with reputations as offensive innovators. 

The secret is out, the Eagles are drafting a quarterback next year, but it behooves Lurie to hire someone else to make that choice.    

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-The NFL is no place for a head coach to grow into his position. If Kelly isn’t ready for some of the necessities of the job, he shouldn’t be here.  

-Bill Belichick’s arrogance effectively killed the twilight of Tom Brady’s career. Either Brady is one the league’s great employees, or he is so image conscious, he’s afraid to offer any honest commentary.  

 -Lost in the Lions’ terrific comeback win is the fact Jason Garrett doesn’t trust Romo anymore.  He didn’t let him take any chances in the 4th quarter with leads of 27-17 or 30-24.  

-After five consecutive wins, the 49ers look like bullies again. But they have not played a good team since the Colts rolled them in San Francisco in week three.  

-It seems as if Mike Tomlin is trying to tough talk his way through this season like Ray Rhodes used to.  

-Ryan Tannehill isn’t the answer in Miami. For that matter, neither is Joe Philbin.  Makes you wonder what they’d look like had they landed Jim Harbaugh.  

-The Rams rushed for 200 yards, but put the ball in the hands of Kellen Clemens on 3rd and 4th and goal at the end of the game. What is worse- the 4th down call came after a timeout.  Remember this the next time you or someone you know says Jeff Fisher is a great coach.  

-For all the bluster about the Seahawks’ defense, they are getting pushed around rather often.

-The Chiefs finally get into the meat of their schedule by playing Denver and San Diego twice.  They’ll surprise me if they get to 11 wins.

-Tony Romo is an easy target for criticism, but he deserves credit for his leadership.  During Dez Bryant’s sideline tirade, Romo exercised tremendous restraint. 

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Earl Myers is a freelance writer from the Philadelphia area. He closely follows North America's four major sports leagues but just about any sporting event gets his attention. His goal is to provoke a little thought in his readers.


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