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Eagles beat the now 0-5 New York Giants: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

I don’t know about you, but I am surely not putting a whole lot of stock in the win over the hapless New York Giants. Yes, a win is a win but good God man – Are the G-Men a bad team right now or what? tma logo

And by golly would you look at that? The Philadelphia Eagles sit atop the NFC East thanks to Tony Romo’s late-minute – what’s the opposite of heroics? Oh yeah, Romo. After he once again Romo-ed his team despite putting up some gaudy numbers over a suddenly vulnerable Broncos’ defense, the Eagles are in first place with their stellar 2-3 record.

How utterly pathetic is the NFC East this year?

And speaking of utterly pathetic...then there’s the Philadelphia Flyers.

Maybe the Flyers’ offense can somehow find a way to play the Eagles’ defense. If there is clearly a panacea for any offensive team in the NFL in need of a pick-me-up, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense. John Lennon in 1974. Photo: http://www.unfogged.com/John-Lennon-New-York-1974-Posters.jpg

I do not have any Tampa Bay Bucs on my fantasy football roster, but I assure you I will be looking to see if any of their receivers or tight ends – regardless of their QB is. Mike Glennon, John Lennon, John Glenn. Whoever it is, I don’t care. 

This Eagles’ defense and in particular their secondary, is arguably one of the worst I have ever seen in this town.

Let’s get to getting…



Ok, it was a little more than a minute, but it did just take one drive for the Giants to score as many points yesterday then they had in their previous two games – combined. Yes sir, if there’s a panacea… oh wait, I said that already.



Ok, help me out here, please. I realize when the game was in Denver Shady McCoy got winded (as did others) and thus needed to catch his breath, get some oxygen, etc.

But why was he not in the game during crucial times yesterday?

Why were either Bryce Brown or Chris Polk on the field so much? I can count at least one instance where following a stoppage, Shady ran one play then came right off the field.


What in the name of Andy Reid is going on, here? Why is Chip Kelly taking him out?

Or is it a case of McCoy not being in shape?

I don’t know, but it is surely troublesome to watch the best offensive player you have come off the field time and again when it appears he is needed most.



Did you all catch Eli Manning yelling OMAHA! during the game? You of course will remember his big brother shouting the same thing during the Broncos game. You remember, Peyton would yell it and Fletcher Cox would jump offside over and over.

It was great fun.

Do you think that either Eli watched the Broncos game or tape and/or got advice from big bro on how to beat the Eagles?

Of course, it helps if you’re actually a good quarterback to start with – something Eli is clearly not these days.



Ok admit it, you want one of those new Samsung Galaxy wrist phones. I know I do.

How great was their commercial? Anytime you can work in Maxwell Smart, Fred Flintstone, Captain Kirk and Johnny Sokko into one spot, you really have something. Just a very well done commercial that was clearly aimed at the older demo – presumably because they are only ones who can afford it?



In keeping with the commercial theme and playing off the classic Wendy’s tagline of “Where’s the Beef?”

So where is the Eagles offensive speed (re: their play calling and play running) ? Even before Michael Vick went down, the speed of the offense was nothing compared to what it’s been in week’s past and light years away from the Redskins game.

Shouldn’t the speed be increasing each week as players become more acclimated to the system and playbook?



Yes the defense should rest, for the rest of the year. But that’s wishful thinking, as you can’t cut an entire defense, can you?

I know, I know, there were some bright spots yesterday so please spare me the “Hey, Mychal Kendricks had an interception!”

But this is about not the players but the coach – in particular defensive coordinator Billy Davis.

Now, I realize he is not playing with much talent. I get that. I really do. It’s hard to judge a cook when he doesn’t have the best ingredients.

But there was one play, ONE PLAY during yesterday’s game that made me sit up and take notice and wonder aloud if this guy knows what he’s doing.

The situation was this: It was 3rd and 8 for the Giants. A run is possible but more than likely this is a passing situation. As such, the Eagles loaded the box to blitz – which they did.

Now stay with me here.

If you are blitzing in the NFL, unless you’re lining up against Michael Vick, the opposing quarterback will call an audible, change the play to hit a hot receiver – meaning a receiver who is open quickly as the pass rush will not allow for the QB to stand in the pocket very long.

Are you with me so far?

So the Eagles blitzed and put pressure on Eli Manning, yet for some unknown reason, their defensive backs were playing a good ten yards OFF the receivers.

As I have already stated, I realize he (Davis) doesn’t have a great deal of talent to work with but… if you call a blitz, should you not also have your secondary play tight, press coverage at the same time?

Why can a schnook like me see this sitting in MQ’s living room and you can’t?

Snowball's Chance Ad














Howdee folks!  Can we say last year was all Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson's fault?

We were all a little worried about this week’s game. It was the Giants at home. You can throw records out when these two divisional foes play. One team is rebuilding and the other should be rebuilding. Today's game was an early “must-win for both or the loser was looking at a long season.”

So let’s get to the game. Who is responsible for telling the corners they are playing too far back?  I don't care if you’re Mama Manning, if you see a corner playing off, you are throwing in that direction. Anyway, it was an easy way to put the Birds behind early. It did not look good.

Eagles D needed the snarl. On the other hand, the Birds’ offense can move the ball (at least it seems like) on anyone between the 20s. However, the Chipper seems to be a little tight with plays in the red zone. We need to be a little more aggressive there, coach. Alex Henery is going to wear out with all those 30-yard field goals. We can't constantly be trading three points for a touchdown. And that's how this game started- until the safety that never occurred. When is it the ref's call to pull points off the board just based on objectivity?

The Giants were down in their own end zone. Two points for the Birds. Not today!  I thought those two points would come back to haunt the Eagles based on how crazy the series has been. But luckily, the Giants are horrible this year. The Giants did take the lead in the fourth quarter, but the resilient Birds D intercepted the Giants three times. The Boykin inception was a great play.

The Birds struck quick after each turnover. Nick Foles, filling in for Vick, threw two pretty thrown touchdown passes to Brent Celek (Yes he caught it) and D Jax. Did you see the little dance D Jax did after his touchdown? A little salsa with that shake? NOT.

Overall, the Birds played well enough to win, but the Giants played to lose this game today. As a rebuilding team, I feel they are right where the Birds should be. The offense moves the ball with Vick Or Foles – even with receivers that can't get open. The defense is still a sieve and it’s a work in progress, but today was an improvement as far as turnovers go. The secondary needs to be rebuilt and the special teams are gaining confidence. They have guys on the team that should not be playing, but they are part of the rebuilding process. Henery's five field goals today was a great sign, but they should’ve been extra points.

The Birds now enter a stretch of winnable games. It’s up to Chip to keep the momentum going through Tampa Bay and Dallas and the Giants at home for the next few weeks. With this season there are no expectations – just general improvement and so far the Birds are right on course. Go Birds!

Back to you, Steve.



By the time you read this, there may be rampant rumors of a quarterback controversy brewing in Philly with Nick Foles leading the Eagles to victory after taking over for Vick in the first half.

My take?

Well, after a bumpy start, Mr. Foles acquitted himself quite nicely throwing for two TDs against a very poor Giants defense. He made some nice reads, seemed to get rid of the ball faster than Vick and in fact, the two TD tosses were very good throws, the one to Brent Celek in particular.

And speaking of Christmas, perhaps it was not quite a miracle, but how ‘bout  #87 holding onto the ball in the red zone?

A temporary reprieve for sure – despite the fact that my wife thinks I am being too hard on him. But that’s just because she met him and he’s a nice guy.

So is MQ, but I don’t want him playing tight end for the Eagles, either. No offense MQ.



Did you catch the part of the game where they talked about the NFL Uniform Police? They showed this long checklist or something whereby these “officials” check to ensure all uniforms are up to code and standard.

Well is there also a police, perhaps a secret police that forbids injured players from going to the locker room to get treatment?

Why else would Michael Vick  A) seemingly not be allowed to go to the locker room a few minutes before halftime and then  B) be still standing on the sidelines in full uniform in the second half?

Ok, perhaps in the second half he was still planning on going back in, but why was he not allowed – again, seemingly as I do not know for sure, to go into the locker room for treatment on his injured hammie until the half was over?





-Vinny Curry must love small enclosures, for he is clearly in someone’s doghouse. How else do you explain the inexplicable small amount of plays he is on the field week in, week out?

-Brandon Boykin’s INT may have been one of the best, singularly athletic plays I have seen in quite some time. Simply amazing.


-In last week’s TMA, I wrote that I am not blaming Eagles’ Special Teams Coordinator Dave Fipp for the poor play of the unit as a whole. And I still won’t, but… when you have three – THREE – penalties on ONE PLAY, something is rotten- not only in Denmark, but in the coaching staff, too. C’mon Dave, I know you’re stuck with stiffs like Casey Matthews, but you have to coach these guys up better than this.

Tell me what you think.

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Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.


steve olenski





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