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Eagles roll over injured Packers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Trust everyone had a nice weekend.steve olenski

Perhaps yesterday we got to see a true glimpse into the REAL Nick Foles. Very solid, accurate throws for the most part. Not the strongest of arms by any means and a good decision maker, for the most part. Anyone who thought the real Nick Foles was the one we saw last weekend in Oakland was kidding themselves.

Just as those who thought the real Nick Foles was the one we saw against Dallas a few weeks back did.

No, I believe the real Nick Foles is somewhere in between with a skew toward the Oakland side of the line, if you catch my drift. He can have very good (if not great) games, but he can also hold onto the ball too long and his arm is not strong enough to consistently stretch the field.

Ok, let’s get to getting, now that I’ve shared my thoughts on one Master Foles.


Let’s face it, football is merely a game; a diversion for all of us who take for granted the freedoms we all enjoy every single day thanks to the men and women of the military who put their lives on the line in the name of pride, honor and duty.Photo: cambridgema.com

Let us remember all the sacrifices made my our military so that we could have a safer life. No amount of appreciation will be sufficient enough to honor them. Let us just pray for them and their families. Have a Happy Veteran's Day.


Can someone please explain to the me how that club-like structure at the end of Clay Matthews’ hand was considered legal by NFL jurisprudence?

Hell I don’t think the WWE would even allow that “thing” in the ring. Sure, Matthews hardly made an impact on the game, save for his roughing the passer penalty he received – which was the correct call, Mr. Aikman (more on him later). But even though he hardly made a peep with that battering ram on his hand, you still have to question why he was even allowed to play with it in the first place.


Pat Shurmur is listed officially as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator. But we all know that is a faux title at best- for head coach Chip Kelly is the real offensive coordinator.

One of Shurmur’s duties, apparently, is to advise Kelly of when and when not to throw the red challenge flag during the course of a given game. Seems pretty straightforward, yes?

Shurmur has a lot of NFL experience so he should be able to decipher as to when and when not to challenge a play.

So then explain to me how Kelly did not throw the challenge flag in the 2Q following a 36-yard pass completion by the Packers on a 3rd and 9 from their own 29? Now there was an offsides penalty by the Eagles on the play anyway so the Packers would have had a 3rd and 4. That is, if the Eagles had challenged the play in which replays clearly showed Packers receiver Jarrett Boykin’s elbow landing out of bounds before his second foot landed inbounds.

Presumably, Shurmur a) saw the replay and b) advised Kelly NOT to challenge the call. This was pretty much confirmed by Kelly during his postgame press conference, saying he “didn’t get any feedback that it was something we wanted to challenge.”


My nine-year old son could’ve looked at that replay and have known instantly to challenge that call.

Ultimately, the same drive led to Brandon Boykin’s interception in the Eagles’ end zone, but that does not take away from the fact that this was a play that clearly could’ve been reversed had Kelly simply thrown the flag.


Not to be confused with the infamous Body Bag Game of course, yesterday’s game had more than its share of injuries for both teams, as players from each team were going down in what seemed like record numbers.

The Eagles’ biggest loss came when OT Jason Peters left the game not once, but twice due to injury, the second time for good.

“A very, physical hard fought game,” said Captain Obvious.Starsky and Hutch pictured with Starsky's Gran Torino. Photo: http://www.myzebra3.com/uploads/sh5_1232008100.jpg


Fans of the TMA know that I normally, at least once a year, invoke the “Zebra 3” homage to the classic TV copy duo of Starsky & Hutch. Zebra 3 was the call sign for their red Gran Torino with the white stripe.

In addition to paying homage to Messrs. Glaser and Soul, I also use it to make reference to the officials of a given game and in most cases, their ineptitude as is the case here.

Where do I start?

Ok, how ‘bout with the face mask penalty that wasn’t on LeSean McCoy? Holy Mary, mother of all things good and evil, how in the world did every single official miss this call? McCoy’s head turned nearly clockwise, or was it counterclockwise? Either way, it turned in a manner which could only mean one thing: someone was pulling, yanking and grabbing his face mask.

Yet, no flag?

Then we had the holding penalty that wasn’t as Jason Avant found himself with an admirer as witnessed by the clutching and grabbing he was receiving from a Packers defender. I thought for one second I heard the dulcet tones of Mel Carter singing Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me for crissakes.

These were just two of the mind boggling calls, or in this case, non calls, by the zebras yesterday.

All I know is, if Starsky & Hutch were at the game, they would’ve been hauling them all downtown to talk to Captain Dobey.Captain Dobey photo: badazzmofo.com

No, I did not have to look that name up and yes, I had no life when I was a kid.


Those of who are Phillies fans have come to expect color man Gary Matthews to state the obvious on occasion.

For example:

Play by play man: “Sarge, the Phillies pitching has not surrendered a run all game.”

Sarge: “Not only that, the other team has not scored yet as well.”

I for one love Sarge and get a kick of out of him.

Yesterday, FOX color man Troy Aikman clearly felt his inner Sarge and showed it off quite well.

Joe Buck: (about 2-3 minutes into the second half) “This game is a long way from being over…”

Troy: “There’s a lot of time left, too.”

Let me tell you something: you can’t just walk into any convenience store and buy that kind of insight boys and girls. No sir, that is honest-to-goodness insight that one can only glean from a veteran NFL player such as Aikman.


*Riley Cooper is proving himself to be more than I ever thought he was, which is a sixth receiver on a five receiver team. Each week, he’s getting more and more confident and is making adjustments on balls that I honestly did not think he could do. He’s no Jerry Rice mind you, but the kid can play at this level.

*Colt is a dolt. Is there any other explanation as to why Eagles safety Colt Anderson would get within a mile of that punt as it rolled near the Eagles’ end zone? He and the team caught a break as the ball had already been touched by a Packers player, but that does not take away for one second the sheer stupidity he displayed in getting near the ball in the first place.

*Have to give major props to the Eagles’ offensive line and tight end Brent Celek for their play at the end of the game. The Eagles essentially, effectively and (for the most part) literally, ran the clock out. It is one thing to run block well. It is another to do so when the opposition KNOWS you’re going to run and you are still successful at it.

*And speaking of tight ends, the Eagles are allowed to actually throw the ball to them, right? Other than James Casey’s clutch catch and run late in the game and Celek’s earlier one catch, the Birds tight ends were mostly nonexistent the entire game. Why?

*Lord, did Cary Williams have himself a bad game. Blown coverages, poor tackling, poor angles and on and on and on. Oh wait, he had to go against the immortal Jarrett Boykin most of the game. My bad, Cary. That explains everything. #sarcasm


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