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Eagles sneak past Redskins: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

I was fortunate to witness not one, but two, big wins by two of my favorite football teams this weekend – and they both featured teams wearing the color green.

Imagine that. steve olenski

One was courtesy of the Birds of course as we perhaps finally saw the REAL Nick Foles stand up.

The other came from a somewhat smaller yet equally offensively-gifted squad – my son Josh’s flag-football team, otherwise known as “the green team” in the Christ the King flag football league.

With their victory, the green team – against all odds as this was a collection of kids no other team wanted and/or kids who signed up late for the league as my son did – ensured themselves a spot in the league championship game in two weeks. It’s a great group of kids and I am most proud to do my very small part as an assistant coach.

I put our team photo toward the bottom of the article – I’m sure you’ll want to use it as your screensaver, wallpaper, etc., after you photoshop me out of course.

Ok let’s get to getting…


Ok, I have get this off my chest before I get into the game. This is not hyperbole when I say I think the Jacksonville Jaguars may have the ugliest, nastiest, repugnant color scheme in the history of professional sports. Photo: gridironfans.com

I say this having lived the debacles that were the Houston Astros of the 80s and the Vancouver Canucks of the late 70’s/early-mid 80’s – to name but a few.

But Lord almighty, what exactly were the folks who approved this monstrosity thinking? As I wondered aloud to MQ at one point “If I were a fan of the Jags, there’s no way in the world I would wear those colors in a sweatshirt or hat. And I sure as hell would not wear a Jags jersey –at least not in public.

I know I am old school when it comes to things like this. I like the classics: the Notre Dame gold helmet; Yankee pinstripes and the Flyers’ classic logo for example. Heck I even like the Cleveland Browns colors and logo more than I do the Jags, and they’re as plain and boring as you can get.

But there’s a sense of tradition about these teams’ colors and logos that I respect and appreciate.

There is no respecting nor appreciating the Jacksonville Jaguars color palette or logo that’s for sure. At least not by me.


I know there’s growing sentiment amongst Eagles’ fans and around the league that Eagles LB DeMeco Ryans is having himself a Pro Bowl caliber season.  

And he is. No argument here.

But there’s another Eagles LB that may be having just as good a season – Connor Barwin.

Week in, week out #98 makes plays, as Ray Rhodes used to like to say. He makes plays. He is around the ball. And that was on display during yesterday’s game as much as it has been in any game he’s played in Eagle green.

Causing fumbles, getting sacks and knocking down passes all the while showcasing solid tackling skills – all in all a very consistent season that very well may deserve a trip to Honolulu.

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Look, I get it. A network’s production team comes to a city X number of days prior to a game to get everything set up and presumably and hopefully gets a feel for the city they will be broadcasting from.

And I realize said production crew cannot possibly know every nuance from every city in just a few days.

However, during yesterday’s game we saw an example of either A) a production crew not knowing about a given city and/or B) their complete ineptitude.

What I am referring to is a graphic which FOX showed onscreen during the game that highlighted the Eagles recent home woes.

The graphic had the following headline: Losing at the Link.

Now, you tell me, what is wrong with that headline?

You do know, right? You better know if you call yourself an Eagles fan.

It should have read: Losing at the Linc of course.

Link? Really? How do you abbreviate Lincoln to Link?

DON’T GET CARY-ED AWAY…Photo. www.metro.us

For someone who has the biggest mouth on the team, Eagles CB Cary Williams has sure been quite silent the past month or so.

Why has he been so quiet you ask?

Well that’s easy.

It’s because he has nothing to crow about as time and again he is beaten badly – so badly that he has no recourse but to keep his big trap shut and hope no one notices.

Good luck with that one, Cary.

You sir are fast becoming Asante Samuel redux – a cornerback who does not like contact of any kind. Hell at least Asante would pick off a pass now and then.

So far, other than the dearly departed Isaac Sopoaga, Cary Williams is the biggest free agent bust for the Birds.


*Another week, another blown non-challenge- What in the world is going on here? Last week we were told Pat Shurmur et al did not have access to the same footage or they got it too late to let Chip or some BS. What will the excuse be this week? Clearly Redskins RB Alfred Morris stepped out of bounds during one 1Q run yet the officials missed the call and Morris ran for an additional 7-8 yards. But even if the zebras missed it the Eagles could’ve still challenged the call which would have taken 0.4 seconds to overturn. Yet no red flag. Why?

*I am the first to admit the Eagles’ defense is playing at a much higher level than I would have imagined at the start of the season. They are the epitome of the “bend, don’t break,” but the fact remains they are holding opponents to fewer points than I expected and are showing a life, feistiness that I for one so dearly missed under the last 4-5 years under Big Red.

*Staying with the D, Fletcher Cox is on the cusp of stardom. The Eagles’ DL is one of those players that opposing defenses have to account for. And when you reach that status, you are a special player.

*As I alluded to earlier, perhaps the REAL Nick Foles stood up yesterday. This was a huge test for him with the division lead on the line and the ghosts of 10 straight home losses hanging in the rafters. He did not have a spectacular game stat-wise, but he made excellent decisions; very decisive decisions for that matter and he showed a command of the offense right from the outset.

*I do not care how you paint this win kids, the Eagles escaped. Period. There is simply no way that game should have been anywhere near as close as it was. Chip Kelly, in his postgame press conference, chalked it up to the Redskins ability to fight back, which they did for sure.

But, there is no denying that Kelly took his foot off the gas, again. And I honestly do not know why. He is playing with fire and he better realize that sooner rather than later. You have a team down, you stomp whatever last breath of life they have in them and you keep them down. You keep your foot on the gas.

This is not the Pac-10, Chipper, where a 24-point lead is essentially insurmountable for your opponent. This is the N*F*L, where professionals play the game and no matter the score, they will come at you.

A win is a win is a win… I get it. Just keep the last quarter and a half in the back of your mind the next time the Eagles get up big on someone and see how it compares and contrasts.

As I mentioned, here’s the green team flag football team photo. Wish us luck as we march toward the title! In addition to myself, the team was coached by Jeff Osinski (assistant/to my left onscreen) and Dan Garvin (head coach/to the right of me onscreen). 

Tell me/us what you think. 

Leave a comment or tweet me @steveolenski

Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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Jaguars photo: gridironfans.com

Cary Williams photo. www.metro.us