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Eagles trounce Raiders: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

And my what a good morning it is, huh? Nick Foles is clearly ready to lead to the Eagles to The Promised Land, LeSean McCoy is clearly Born To Run, and after the Birds won, we were all Dancing In the Dark as the sun had long gone down by the time the final gun went off- thanks to daylight savings.

Ah, but what of Mr. Foles? Was that the real Nick Foles yesterday, or was it merely a Brilliant Disguise?

You have to forgive me, I received the bio Bruce for my birthday and I suddenly felt my inner Springsteen rising to the surface.

But I’m better now.

Let’s get to getting…steve olenski


Ok, so maybe I’m not better. The point is that while we are all basking in the glow; the radiant glow of Foles’ performance yesterday – his record-tying performance, we simply cannot overlook and wash clean the memory of what transpired just a few weeks ago. 

I realize many of you will be thinking aloud right about now “Geez Steve, they scored 49 points; Foles threw 7 TDs and played a nearly flawless game. Let’s give the guy his due.”

Ok, you’re right.

Nick Foles played a phenomenal game yesterday. He actually had more touchdowns (7) than he did incompletions (6). That is an amazing statistic in itself. He played with a lot of poise as well, oftentimes sidestepping an onrushing defender to find an open space and hit an open receiver.

There is absolutely, positively nothing negative I can say about his performance yesterday. Nothing.

But – you knew a but was coming – I for one have to keep this in proper context.

As MQ said to me during the game “It’s a great job by Foles but he has to show he can beat the NFC East teams and do so at home.”

He of course, is dead on. Until Foles proves he can win at home against divisional opponents and higher quality opponents and play well in doing so, we will never know with complete certainty what kind of quarterback he truly is.

Is he the ultimate tease where he shows flashes of brilliance one week and flashes of beastly the next?

Even those of you who are flying high following yesterday’s win have to be at the very least curious as to how a player can appear to be the polar opposite of himself over two games?


Hey I am the first to admit I think the Eagles’ defense is dreadful and needs a complete overhaul. But even I have to admit that they are playing significantly better as a unit over the past 2-3 games. Yes, they played a dreadful offensive  team yesterday who had a wide-receiver masquerading as a quarterback in Terrelle Pryor – but be that as it may, they have made great strides in many areas: including most notably their ability to tackle.

The middle of the field continues to be a major issue: with far too many an opposing receiver finding free reign in that part of the field, but their pass rush is improving and they upgraded (via addition by subtraction) by unloading free agent bust Isaac Sopoaga to the Patriots.

This move allows them to rotate their young d-linemen without the guilt of having to play an overpriced, over-the-hill veteran.

So much kudos to the defense and coordinator Billy Davis.
Snowball's Chance Ad














The dictionary defines the word “hyperbole” as being “an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally.”

That is the only explanation for what FOX play-by-play man Chris Myers said during the broadcast yesterday.

I assure you he was doing his due diligence and reading from the script, so I cannot blame him whatsoever. But whomever at FOX wrote this line ought to be banished to hyperbole hell for all eternity (or maybe 10 minutes).

The line I am referring to came as Myers was promoting an upcoming UFC event on FOX featuring two women fighters. At one point Myers uttered the phrase “some are calling this the best rivalry in sports.”

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Not the best rivalry among female UFC combatants.


Not even the best rivalry in the entire UFC.


We’re talking the best rivalry in ALL sports.

Red Sox/Yankees.



North Carolina/Duke.


All of them have nothing on these two female pugilists apparently – at least according to “some.” Sure would like to meet these phantom “some” – sometime.

You don’t think FOX just made this all up do you?  Folks that are, in fact, not some folks who think this is the best rivalry in all sports.

Nah, they would never do a thing like that. #sarcasm


I usually reserve Rapid Fire for defeats but I’m in a Rapid Fire kind of mood to close out this week’s TMA.

*How ‘bout Robert De Niro shilling for a bank, in this case Santadner (formerly Sovereign) Bank? You had to see the commercial, for it was on multiple times throughout the game. I thought the spot was ok, a bit hackneyed with this critiquing of his own performance, however.

Truth be told, this is not Bobby D’s first foray into advertising. Check out this little-known spot he did back in 1970:



*And speaking of TV commercials, what was up with all those incessantly long spots? The LeBron James Samsung spot was nearly long enough to be classified as a short film for crying out loud.

*How in the world did the Oakland Raiders have a top 10 defense entering the game?

*Have to give credit where credit is due to Eagles receiver Riley Cooper. The kid had himself quite a ballgame yesterday and I am happy for him.

*Finally a topic I have brought up before. It has to do with LeSean McCoy and his apparent lack of conditioning and/or the apparently penchant for the coaches to remove him at very strange times of a given game.

Happened again yesterday but kind of in reverse, as during one series, Bryce Brown broke off a long run of about 30 yards or so. Now had this been Shady, he would have immediately come off the field – either of his own volition or the coaches.

However not only did Bryce Brown NOT leave the game following his long jaunt, he actually ran the ball on the very next play!

As I mentioned, I have brought this issue up in the past on numerous occasions and I still do not have an answer as to why this is occurring. Either McCoy is out of shape or injured or both; or something else is going on that we don’t know about.


Tell me/us what you think.

Leave a comment or tweet me @steveolenski

Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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