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Eagles disgraced by hapless Vikings: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

That was as bad a game as I have ever seen. The defense was just downright deplorable as they were not able to stop anyone. The offense, while playing well at times, could not find any level of consistency. And in the end, they lost to a team with a worse record than their own. steve olenski

Oh yeah, the QB threw two interceptions at the worst possible times.

Fans of the team don’t know where they go from here. They are collectively stunned.

Wait, did you think I was talking about the Eagles? Hell no. We’ll get to them in a minute.

No, I am still reveling in the Dallas Cowboys’ stunning defeat at the hands of Tony Romo and the Green Bay Packers.  

Wait, doesn’t Romo play for Dallas? Well, technically yes. It’s just this time of year he could easily be mistaken as a Packer, Giant, Bear or any other opponent the Cowboys happen to be playing on a given week.

Let’s get to getting and keep the “Rip Romo” fun going…


As some of you may or may not know, in addition to being a writer/advertising copywriter, I am also a screenwriter. And even the best screenwriters in the world could not have scripted this any better- unless of course you’re a Cowboys fan like my good friend Justin Berndlmaier is.

It is Justin who sent me a link to an article that had that title above in it a few weeks ago. Here’s the link and screenshot of the piece. 


Now in case you can’t read the text on the screenshot, it reads: “Contrary to public opinion, Tony Romo's December performance has been outstanding over the last few years. As the Cowboys battle for the division title this December, the question really is about whether the rest of the Cowboys can play up to Romo's standards down the stretch.”

The article also includes a chart reflecting the fact that Romo trails only Aaron Rodgers in QB rating in the month of December from 2009-12.

Yet, as we ALL gloriously witnessed yesterday, good ol’ Tony threw not one, but two interceptions in the 4Q of a game the Cowboys HAD to win. Yes, their defense is God-awful, but the fact remains the Cowboys had the lead late in the game and Romo turned the ball over.

Do you think this article and it’s corresponding hollow numbers could be used as Exhibit A as to the fact that statistics are grossly overrated sometimes?

On behalf of all Eagles’ fans Tony let me just say: Thank you, and keep up the good work.

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As per my norm (at least it’s usually my norm), I am going rapid fire following an Eagles loss. Buckle up, it’s going to be ugly.

*As much as I was joking in my intro (re: “the defense was just downright deplorable as they were not able to stop anyone”), I could’ve been talking about the Eagles’ D. Save for Bennie Logan and maybe Mychal Kendricks, the Eagles defense was butt ugly – if you will excuse my language.

And before I go on, I know Kendricks had a pick and tackles and all that good stuff. BUT, when they needed him to make a key stop, he failed. Ahead only 27-22 as the Eagles had clearly taken momentum away and facing 3rd & 14 from the Eagles’ 42, Kendricks got beat by the immortal Chase Ford, who apparently was taking a break from his role of captain of rowing team at Harvard. Is there a more Ivy league-sounding name than Chase Ford?

Two plays later, another immortal, Matt Asiata, scored his second TD to effectively and essentially seal the deal.

*Good Lord almighty do the Eagles need help in the defensive secondary. I honestly do not know where to start. And I can only imagine the damage the Bears duo of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery will inflict next week on this truly hapless group. I just love hearing the announcers make a big deal out of the fact that players such as Earl Wolff and Kurt Coleman were out hurt and how that will impact the Eagles.

Um I’m sorry, but when did Earl and Kurt become Ronnie (Lott) and Brian (Dawkins)? I must have missed that. Puh-leeze! Photo: footballcardsoutlet.com

*I feel bad for Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin, having to have missed the game yesterday. I hope they’re ok and there’s nothing… wait, what? They DID play? Oops. My bad.

*Help me out here cause I clearly need it. Facing a 3rd and 1 from their own 24 midway through the 3Q and down 24-9, LeSean McCoy is stopped for no gain – apparently. The Eagles decide to go for it on 4th down and are stopped once more. This time however, Chip Kelly decides to throw the challenge flag, hoping to get a more favorable spot of the ball.

This despite the fact that no one could see the ball amidst all the bodies (let alone see where the ball should be placed) and that he SHOULD have challenged the PREVIOUS play- where McCoy clearly had the first down.

I did not get to hear the postgame press conference, so perhaps this issue was raised. But nonetheless, the whole “challenge/no challenge” issue rears its head again.

*Was it me, or did Nick Foles at times look quite pedestrian and average yesterday? Did he also not flash the same wild, off-target throws that were common during his horrific performance against the Cowboys earlier this year?

Now by no means am I pressing any panic button (he also made some fantastic throws), but it was cause for concern; the poor accuracy and bad decision making. Was it not?

*How bad, pathetic, inept, and wretched must the Eagles kickoff coverage team if Chip would not even let them attempt one “normal” kickoff the entire game? Are you kidding me? What the hell are these guys on the roster for if you’re going to do that the entire game? Why are you paying them to do a job then not let them do it? I know why. Because they stink! Ho-hum. Another year. Another year of subpar special teams. Maybe in my children’s lives they will see a real honest-to-goodness NFL special teams unit.

*Two words: Roc Carmichael. Two more words: Cut him. On one hand, he stinks. On the other hand, he’s an idiot. A taunting penalty? Really? Make an example out him Chip, and cut him like 3rd period French. Now.

*I do not know the exact numbers and no, these numbers DO NOT LIE (whatever they are), but I can guran-damn-tee you that the opposition success rate on 3rd and long against the Eagles’ defense this year has to be somewhere near 75%-80% - if not higher if you can believe that. It is truly remarkable how time and again, a defense can just be beaten in a situation that normally favors the defense in the first place.

This speaks to the inferior secondary for the most part, but some of the blame goes to the defensive line. If they cannot get sustained pressure on the opposing QB, not even the best secondary in the world can hold up.

Oh wait, I do have one stat to share with you (re: 3rd down success). Coming into the game, the Vikings had a 37% success rate on 3rd down. In yesterday’s game, their success rate was 62%.

Hard to believe, Harry.

*Quick: how many carries did LeSean McCoy have yesterday? If you guessed under 10, you win. The exact total was 8, and I’m quite sure I was among a legion of fans wondering aloud if this was “Chip Reid” or “Andy Kelly?”

The bottom line of course, is that the Eagles, thanks to the aforementioned December dynamo that is Tony Romo, still have a one game lead in the NFC East and still control their own destiny.

But make no mistake about it, there is a whole lot to work on between now and Sunday night when the Bears come to town and a lot can happen over two weeks. Don’t believe me?

How euphoric were you following the Lions game?

Then how dejected were you following yesterday’s game?

I rest my case.


Tell me/us what you think. 

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Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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