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Eagles edge Cowboys to win NFC East! The Morning After


Good morning campers,

I trust everyone had a holly, jolly Christmas and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year, too.

Obviously, Eagles fans will have something else to celebrate this Tuesday night- aside from the coming new year that is. Sunday night was an exercise in a combination of frustration and agitation with a smidgen of elation thrown in at the very end, of course.

Let’s get to getting…steve olenski


Lots of people asked me my thoughts heading into the game and I told each and every one of them the same thing via the same two points:


1. The game will either be a blowout in the Eagles favor as Kyle Orton will struggle in relief of Tony Romo. OR it will be a close game, as the Cowboys will rally around their backup QB.


2. The only way the Eagles can lose the game is if they beat themselves.

Now Lord knows I am no prognosticator or soothsayer by any means- for it did not take a crystal ball to see this coming via these scenarios.

Sure enough, it was a close game – an entirely too close game for every single Eagles fan on the planet and the Eagles nearly lost the game by making too many mistakes (AKA beating themselves.)

This may not be the most popular thing to say on the day after such an incredibly emotional win, but the Eagles did not deserve to win that game. No way. No how.

The reasons are many, including their inability to punch it in from the half-foot line on fourth and goal to their maddening inability to remain onside while on defense.

But, as the saying goes “good teams find a way to win.” And the Eagles did just that. It was the epitome of an “ugly win,” but it’s a win nonetheless and we will take it and move on to face Brees & Co.

OFF TO SEE THE WIZARDPhoto: www.doctormacro.com

I don’t know if a trip to Oz is in the game plan for Chip Kelly, but if he can squeeze it in, he may want to look into planning a getaway for his defensive line and if there’s room – his offensive line, too.

The Eagles’ defensive line was essentially non-existent the entire game. That itself is a powerful statement, but when you consider the fact they barely laid a hand on Orton over the course of the whole game, it starts to resonate and carry some weight.

If I were grading the defense the grades would look something like this:

Line: F

Linebackers: A

Secondary: A

I would say that’s a pretty big disparity wouldn’t you? But tell me you would disagree with me. I didn’t think so.

Now perhaps the whole “off to see the wizard” is a tad too harsh for the intimation they played with no heart but, make no mistake about it – if they play like this next week with zero pressure on the QB, Drew Brees will pick them apart. And I don’t care what the weather is or what the Saints record is away from the Superdome.


This past Saturday I posted the following to Facebook:

“It's one thing for Eagles fans to talk about the playoffs as if the Eagles are actually IN them yet - which of course they are not.

But it's something completely different for radio talk show hosts - who many fans commonly mistake as being experts just because they're on the radio - to ALSO talk of the Eagles in the sense that they have already beaten the Cowboys and are planning for the playoffs. Really? This just in ... the EAGLES HAVE NOT WON ANYTHING YET! Jeezus listening to these dopes pisses me off to no end. How bout we wait ‘til we see what happens tomorrow nite first? BTW I will put my football acumen up against any radio talk show host. Just tell me where and when and I'll show up.”

To all the dopes, clowns and idiots – yes I am talking to you – who are on the radio airwaves in Philly talking sports who predicted an easy win for the Eagles – just shut up as we approach the Saints game, please.

Do the entire world a favor and just shut up. Clearly you are clueless when it comes to the Eagles and their history – not to mention Eagles’ fans and our history.

And for the record my offer stands as mentioned above. I will put my pigskin prowess up against any of these radio talk show hosts at any time.

Snowball's Chance Ad














Not sure how many of you heard about/saw this new commercial for Carl’s Jr. hamburgers featuring one Terrell Owens but in case you missed it, TO has a message for us Eagles fans:


After watching the commercial I feel bad for TO; I really do. The guy’s obviously got financial issues and cannot seem to accept the fact that his playing days are over.

But on the other hand, if he had not been such a greedy jerk and did not listen to that other greedy jerk, Drew Rosenhaus, he would have owned this city. Owned it I tell you. I for one would have sided with him in the whole McNabb debacle because, well, McNabb is a fool.

After the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over the Eagles, Terrell Owens could have run for mayor and he very well may have won.

But we know what happened don’t we?

So to TO, let me just say don’t go away angry… just go away.


*Kudos to LeSean McCoy for leading the NFL in rushing, all-purpose and yards from scrimmage this season. In winning the NFL rushing title, he also broke the single-season franchise record set by Wilbert Montgomery in 1979. And what does this all say about one Andrew Reid and his staunch refusal to run the ball more? Don’t get me started on Big Red.

*Connor Barwin, Mychal Kendricks, Brandon Boykin and the much-maligned Cary Williams. Each of these guys came up huge on multiple occasions last night and clearly helped save an otherwise pathetic effort by the defensive line.

*At one point last night I turned to MQ and queried: “There are TWO teams playing tonight, right?” I was just confirming we were not watching the All Dallas Cowboys Channel. And this just in, but Jerry Jones is the owner of the Cowboys.

Courtesy of @CorkGaines


As I mentioned previously the Eagles D-Line will have to muster a better pass rush – or ANY pass rush against Brees if the Eagles have any chance of winning next week. He is surely no Kyle Orton, and weather-be-damned he will tear this defense apart if he is allowed to sit in the pocket and pick his poison.

IF the Eagles can sustain pressure on Brees, they should win. If not, we could very well see an ending similar to the one we witnessed yesterday- in which case you may want to stock up on Pepto-Bismol now.

Tell me/us what you think. 

Leave a comment or tweet me @steveolenski

Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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