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Eagles beat Lions in epic Snow Bowl: The Morning After


 In Winter Storm Dion, Eagles Runaround Suh

Good morning campers,steve olenski

Depending on which fearless forecaster you listened to, the prediction for yesterday ranged anywhere from a dusting to a few inches of snow. Of course, it turned out to be much more than that- as the storm took “an unexpected turn,” as I heard at least two meteorologists say.

More on the storm later. As for the game, it was, in many fans’ eyes, an instant classic. The conditions of course, play a large role in that declaration. From my perspective it was a classic, but for as much as the weather played a role, so too did the Eagles’ unwillingness to give up or give in.

They were getting punched in the mouth for the better part of the first half, yet they stood their ground and prevailed. No kids, this is not Andy Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles. For if it were, we would’ve been wallowing in a loss which saw Nick Foles throw the ball 57 times, or some ungodly number – which of course, flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

But enough of what was. Let’s talk about what is and get to getting…


Before the opening kickoff, MQ & I were channel surfing (as we are apt to do) and we came across Rambo III: a classic tour-de-force for sure. Anywho, I wondered aloud about a dream matchup between John J. Rambo and another movie hero – Rocky.

I queried MQ “So who would win in a fight between Rambo and Rocky.” He was instantly intrigued and perplexed at the same time. We both agreed it would have to be an old school, bare knuckles battle to keep things even. Photo: joblow.com

As for who we would think would win, I don’t know MQ’s thoughts. But for my money I’m taking Rambo. Rock would give him a battle, but in the end, all that hand-to-hand combat crap would put John J. over the top.

How ‘bout you? Who do you think would win?

One last pre-game hijinks to make note of and that was color announcer John Lynch’s reference to Nick Foles, saying he was no longer “Charlie Checkdown.” Now it was a compliment, as it spoke to Foles’ growing confidence and ability to not settle for a safe pass, i.e. the checkdown pass. But it was still quite an odd reference from Mr. Lynch.


Bet you didn’t know that yesterday’s storm had a name. It was Winter Storm Dion. I kid you not. It surely was a wanderer- roaming from town to town dropping mucho snow and ice along its path.

Not sure where the Belmonts were during all this but I can tell you one Eagle who enjoyed this hit from Dion – LeSean McCoy. You could say that after rushing for a team record 217 yards yesterday, Shady played his own version of Runaround Suh (and the entire Lions’ defense) yesterday.

Yes, that was arguably the worst joke ever. But admit it, you kinda liked it.



Speaking of admissions, admit the fact that you thought the Eagles were going to lose after going down 14-0 following the Lions first special teams TD. I admit it, I thought they were done.

They had done nothing, zero up until that point. And then to have a punt returned for a TD in those conditions, I thought a 14-0 deficit was insurmountable.

Um, no…

Your Philadelphia Eagles, right before our very eyes, went from being punched to the ones doing the punching, taking the term “smash mouth football” to a whole new level in the second half. The Eagles’ offensive line was the collective MVP of that game in my opinion.

Yes, I know Shady set a record and all that, but, he does not do that without the OL doing their thing first. You have to remember they were facing one of the toughest, most physical of defenses, especially up front, in the entire NFL.

Hell even Todd Herremans played well for crying out loud.

Snowball's Chance Ad














Remember the old Big Mac slogan of “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun?”

Yeah well yesterday, there was not much special in the Eagles’ special teams sauce, that’s for damn sure.


Please, please, please spare me the “but it was snowing Steve” excuse. Last time I checked, it was snowing on BOTH teams, right? So why weren’t the Eagles able to return kicks nearly at will as the Lions were?

I have made reference to the Eagles special teams coach Dave Fipp in the past and how I was not blaming him per se due to the lack of depth on the unit. I’ve been kind of going with the “he’s doing the best he can with the hand he’s been dealt” mantra.

Well that ends now.

After that deplorable and ridiculous performance, where you had players not staying in lanes – which has NOTHING to do with talent but EVERYTHING to do with coaching, the gloves are off, Davey boy.

You better get your act and your unit’s in order quickly. This Eagles team is special for sure. You better do your part to make sure your squad is special, too – figuratively and literally.

LIFE OF RILEYPhoto: www.bubblews.com

Unless you are related to Riley Cooper or grew up with him; went to school with him, etc. you had absolutely no way to predict he was going to improve to this level.

I for one, was all ready to ship him out for a case of Cream of Wheat and a nice chianti the first chance I got.

But I will admit, this kid has come a long way, baby. While I don’t think he will ever be anywhere near an elite receiver or anything even remotely resembling one – I do believe he has a very bright future in this league and could very well have a nice, solid 10+ year career in the NFL.

And that itself is astounding, considering from where he came from.


*Did you catch the FOX play-by-play man (I don’t recall his name and it doesn’t really matter) telling us that “the snow is going everywhere”? As MQ pointed out, where else is it going to go? “Look, kids, the snow is going on the seats in the stadium. Isn’t that amazing?”

*They say it’s better to be lucky than good, and surely the Eagles have had their fair share of good lucky this year. And it may be continuing. As of the writing of the TMA, Vikings all-world RB Adrian Peterson’s status for next week’s game vs. the Eagles is up in the air following an ankle sprain suffered in the Vikings’ loss to the Ravens. And Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers, who missed the Eagles game a few weeks ago due to injury, may return just in time to take on the Cowboys next week.

Tell me/us what you think. 

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But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

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Rocky vs Rambo photo: joblows.com

Cream of Wheat photo: bubblews.com