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Phillies deal Schwimer, Nick Foles to Chiefs? Sixers continue to disappoint


Phillies deal Michael Schwimer
In a move not completely surprising, the Phillies decided they had enough of Michael Schwimer, who was traded to the Blue Jays on Saturday for minor league first baseman Art Charles.

There was a cloud hanging over the Phillies and Schwimer for quite some time. Schwimer first ruffled some feathers last summer by tweeting (at the time) unannounced roster moves the Phillies were going to make.  But that was kid’s stuff compared to what happened next.

When the Phillies optioned Schwimer to Triple-A last August, Schwimer was not happy about it and thought he should have been placed on the disabled list because he had a sore arm. Instead of reporting to Triple-A, Schwimer decided to get a second opinion on his elbow.  Although Schwimer eventually reported to the minors and a grievance has not been officially filed, the injury issue is still not resolved.  

Although the Phillies claim this has nothing to do whatsoever with the trade, it’s probably better the team just part company with Schwimer and move on.
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Nick Foles to the Chiefs?

Just how valuable is Nick Foles?

According to Andy Reid and the Chiefs, pretty damn valuable.

The Eagles and Kansas City have reportedly discussed Foles in trade talks.

In some ways, this is and isn’t surprising. Reid obviously is familiar with Foles from last season with the Eagles. But was he that impressed by him to the point where he thinks he could develop him? Granted, the Birds’ offensive line was a disaster last year, but Foles isn’t exactly what you would consider a mobile quarterback, and this is exactly why he isn’t a likely candidate for Chip Kelly’s system. Moreover, Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is expected to be released very soon.

Kelly has expressed interest in wanting to coach Foles, the team didn’t resign Michael Vick to sit the bench.

If the Chiefs want Foles THAT bad, the Eagles better get a very nice package in return.

Sixers continue to disappoint

Nobody expected them to beat the Heat, but the latest Sixers loss further confirms one thing: The season has been an absolute mess. Management took a gamble in dismantling most of the team. And although those particular players took them as far as they could go (EltAndrew Bynum photo: Bryan Anderson/APon Brand, Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, etc.), the Sixers are in worse shape than they’ve been in a long time. How did Andrew Bynum NOT know his knees were this bad? It’s the end of February for God’s sake. Although he recently practiced with the team, Doug Collins was not impressed with how Bynum looked.  

And speaking of Collins, I think it’s obvious to all that this will be his final season coaching the team. Would you come back to this mess? No way. The Sixers took a tremendous step back, and it seems the new additions have tuned him out. The only thing that could convince Collins to stay would be the tremendous amount of cap room that will be freed up after the season. It could set the stage for a potential free agent signing. However, the biggest free agent that will likely hit the market is Bynum.

Just our luck..................


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Andrew Bynum photo: Bryan Anderson/AP