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Sixers' Nick Young: Fun with Swaggy P during a lost season


We are here, at this point, and at this time.  It is regrettable but it is our lot.  Our travels have left us desolate, seemingly isolated from the rest...

Walking, almost aimlessly, searching for something to bring us back to where we once were.  We feel the cold penetrating winds whip across this barren city as we pass drab, grey edifices lining the equally grey concrete we walk upon.  The people are as happy here as the buildings are grey.  It is a gloomy, gloomy town.... and it is Sixerville. Photo: www.phlsportsnation.com

Over in the distance is the Jrue Holiday electric company. It has a faint but growing glow; producing small waves of excitement that spark now and then, partially energizing the otherwise darkened game. Thaddeus Young brings his hard hat to work, but the organization's mining company has harvested all of the optimism remaining and sent it out to other NBA cities that still have hope.  There was a magnificent skyscraper scheduled to fill the Sixerville skyline, towering over eastern conference Biggs and bringing this town back to prominence. This too has crumbled.  What once was supposed to be a budding new beginning has had setback upon setback, the all too weak support structure never allowing Andrew Bynum to play a single game (at least yet) this season.

Then there is the rest of the town; a mix of guys who just aren't that good. Spencer Hawes would be a nice player off the bench to spell a decent center. His max value would be as a 12-15 minute-a-game contributor. Lavoy Allen and Arnett Moultrie look overwhelmed, still adapting to the professional game going on around them. Jason Richardson is done. Dorell Wright, Damien Wilkins, Royal Ivey, Kwame Brown  are all D-League players or practice only roster spots.

And please stop with Evan Turner!  His ego might be as big as someone who can play, but his best years happened at Ohio State. Sure, he’ll go on the occasional streak and knock down a few awkward looking jump shots in a row, but he’ll inevitably follow that up by being stripped, throwing errant passes, or missing several shots. He hurts the team in so many ways; it is mind boggling he gets so much burn. His two specialties are holding his dribble for the entire shot clock than firing up prayers and finding innovative ways to blow fast breaks.  He needs to be better controlled and more limited.  It isn’t that he can’t play at all, he just can’t play that much. 

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Charles Barkley once said that he only roots for the best players, which isn’t a luxury Sixers’ fans currently have.  No, Sixer fans have nearly nothing to rejoice in nor anything to look forward to.  But as abysmal as it all seems, they do however, have a little taste of fun. For from the darkened recesses of Sixerville comes a flashy bit of refreshment that goes by the name of Swagy P.  Now Nick Young won’t be confused with your top tier ballers like King James, Kobe Bryant, or Kevin Durant but he is capable of injecting a bit of swag into the game.  Averaging 11.2 ppg, Young isn’t an all out scoring force, but his appeal is more about how he puts up points and the style by which he scores.

 Swagy P has that look. That look that says I’m going out there and doing my thing regardless.  Never stressed or pressing, he’ll shoot a three as soon as look at you.  Even after a coach’s tongue lashing, Nick seems unphased. When he’s feeling it, he’ll rain bombs over any defender in the league.  A faint splash is all that’s left in his wake as he side hops with satisfaction back down to play D. Since his mid season benching by Doug Collins, Nick has come back inspired, becoming more involved with the total game, defending, rebounding, and even driving the lane, throwing it down with style and showing he is much more than just a three point specialist.  His play is reminiscent of a summer league game, where some guys come to notch a W and some guys come to put on a show.  Nick Young is the latter and brings that showmanship to a team that with no flare, no hope, and no swag besides his own.

Although Jrue and Thad are the core of the team, Nick Young is really the only reason to watch.  When he goes off he can score in dynamic bunches, treating teammates and fans to an all but forgotten, good time.  That’s why, in my house, you’ll hear “Swagy P” as a bit of trash makes it in the waste bin right before the lid shuts; or “Do-em like Swag” heard running down the hall after my oldest kid swipes the last cookie off his younger sibling’s plate.  

It’s fun, he’s fun, and that is about all of the fun left in Sixerville.

Chris Sweeney is a freelance writer and philly2philly.com contributor.  He grew up in Bucks County, played Division 2 basketball at East Stroudsburg University where he became interested in the media when he hosted a night time radio show.  He left ESU to join the Air Force, which he served in for five years (including 1 Middle Eastern Tour).  Chris was bred to be a passionate Philadelphia Sports fan and enjoys everything that the Philly sports scene has to offer (the competition, the news articles, the books, and talk radio).  He now resides in New Jersey with his wife and five children. 

You can reach him at christopher_sweeney_02@yahoo.com   

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Photo: www.phlsportsnation.com