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Phillies' Jim Eisenreich: Throwback Thursday Jersey of the Week!


When the Phillies signed Jim Eisenreich in the winter of 1993, it was met with very little fanfare. After all, Kirby Puckett was the marquee name out there and rumors had the then-frugal Phillies actually talking with him. 


However, we all know what happened next. Eisey became a folk hero of this town and was part of arguably the most beloved Phillies team ever to take the diamond.


We found this Eisenreich throwback at Citizens Bank Park a few weeks back. Kind of looks like the away jersey that he hit the World Series home run in back in ‘93.


If you are out and about and see a throwback jersey that you feel should be featured on Throwback Thursdays, submit a throwback jersey picture to sports@philly2philly.com  Your name, and the name of the person wearing the jersey is optional, but some people like to see that stuff!

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