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Robin Roberts: Phillies Throwback Thursday Jersey of the Week!


Robin Roberts is considered one of the greatest Phillies pitchers of all time. After all, only one pitcher in franchise history (Steve Carlton) has more wins than Roberts (241 to Roberts’ 234). But because it’s been over 50 years since he pitched his last game for the Phillies, it’s not a common occurrence to see one of his throwback jerseys around Citizens Bank Park.


Well as luck would have it, we in fact did see one just prior to the All-Star break. check it out!

  If you are out and about and see a throwback jersey that you feel should be featured on Throwback Thursdays, submit a throwback jersey picture to sports@philly2philly.com  Your name, and the name of the person wearing the jersey is optional, but some people like to see that stuff!

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