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Eagles rookie tight end Zach Ertz could play big role for team in 2013


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It is always tough to judge the way things are going simply from training camps and preseason games. However, anyone who has been paying attention to the Philadelphia Eagles so far has noticed how poorly Brent Celek has played, and how good Zach Ertz has played. The second-round pick had plenty of hype surrounding him coming out of Stanford, but could he actually play an even bigger role as the featured tight end for Chip Kelly’s squad?

After facing off against his Cardinal club for several years, Kelly knows all about Ertz’s strengths and weaknesses at this point. Celek was still considered by many to be the starting tight end to begin the season, but Ertz is certainly making it tough for him. Ertz has always been a reliable receiving target, but what has really impressed people is his ability to improve his blocking at the pro level. Blocking is certainly something that fantasy football owners would ignore, but coaches certainly don't.


A lot of the decisions at the tight end position could come down to how well the team looks at the start of the season. If the Eagles struggle early on, going with the youth movement makes even more sense. At the same time, a struggling Celek could mean that Ertz gives the team the best chance to win as well. Either way, there figures to be some sets in which both players line up on the field at the same time.


Quarterback Michael Vick can utilize Ertz for some easy completions, and if he gets enough of those, he could become a true fantasy football   sleeper. Expect Ertz to continue his hot play going into the regular season as he tries to earn more playing time.


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Photo: fantasyfootballwarehouse.com