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Eagles Training Camp: Just when you thought the drama was gone...


Just a few weeks ago on this very website, I noted how this training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles was on track to be completely free of the player spats, subplots and holdouts that seemed to permeate Andy Reid’s camps.Photo: barstoolsports.com


Boy, do I regret ever typing that.


We’re a little over a week into camp, and new coach Chip Kelly has his hands full already. And this issue the team is currently dealing with makes a Terrell Owens/Donovan McNabb feud and a DeSean Jackson holdout look like kid's stuff.


We all know what happened earlier this week in regards to wide receiver Riley Cooper and his casual use of the n-word at last month’s Kenny Chesney concert. As of this weekend, Cooper has left the team to focus on sensitivity counseling. 


While players like Jason Avant and Michael Vick are admirably trying to smooth things over, players like LeSean McCoy (who recently faced controversy of his own in regards to allegedly assaulting a woman) aren’t so forgiving. McCoy went on record saying he lost respect for Cooper. And although he’s the only player to do so publicly, it’s not a stretch to say that other Eagles probably feel the same way.


When you really think about it, this could be potentially big challenge for first year coach Kelly. Regardless of how you think the situation is being handled by the Eagles or the NFL, this could truly divide the locker room moving forward. Although Cooper apologized for what he did, Kelly admits this incident could be far from over and the fallout could be consequential. Kelly has the chance to bring his team together in the face of adversity, but he’ll have to do it very carefully. The actions of Vick and Avant will help, but this is not a topic that’s going away anytime soon.


New era or not, it’s just another drama filled training camp of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Photo: barstoolsports.com