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Eagles Lose Close Game To Chargers: The Morning After


Good morning campers!

Is it me, or does it seem so long ago that the Eagles beat the Redskins behind a dominant offense and a at-times dominant defense? Perhaps my memory is so distant due to the fact that what we witnessed yesterday essentially bore no resemblance whatsoever to what we witnessed in Week 1. 

And speaking of Week 1, allow me to quote myself - if that's legal:

"There is one word I have been using to describe the 2013-14 Philadelphia Eagles and the Chip Kelly era and it is a word not often associated with Eagles’ fans and most assuredly is not a word used to describe yours truly: Patience."tma logo

Did I really use the "R" word? Did I mention the disclaimer whereby patience is flushed down the toilet like some dead goldfish whenever the Eagles actually are playing a game? Oh sure, patience is great from Monday to Saturday, but come Sunday you know what you can do with your patience. Ok, I am being facetious to some degree as I truly believe patience is key for this entire Eagles' season. But man oh man it is tough to be patient "in game."

Yesterday was, unfortunately, I think a harbinger of things to come - at least on one side of the ball. 

So let's get to getting and don't miss the incredibly frightening thing that Chip Kelly said in his postgame press conference. It will leave you shaking and pinching yourself, wondering if you're in a bad dream.

I will also share with you the one thing I have identified after just two week as being THE key difference maker in whether the Eagles have a successful season or not. 


Or in actuality this would be a reverse-harbinger. During the Eagles' first offense series analyst Dan Dierdorf, himself a former offensive lineman, referred to the Eagles' offensive line as "one of the best in the entire NFL." 

The reverse-harbinger part of course comes into play when you consider just how poorly the Eagles' offensive line played yesterday. From the TD-blowing penalty from first round pick Lane Johnson to Todd Herremans getting played silly by the aging Dwight Freeney, the Eagles' offensive line - save for a few plays here and there, did not play very well collectively as a unit. 


You can bet your Stealers Wheel that Philip Rivers and the Chargers were not "wondering why they came here tonight" after absolutely pulverizing the Eagles secondary and linebackers time and again with passes over the middle of the field. 

It was getting downright comical after a while watching one Chargers' receiver another find himself alone with clowns to the left of them and jokers to the right masquerading as the Eagles' secondary and linebackers. 

Boy remember the days when opposing teams feared going over the middle against the Eagles?

Yeah, me neither. 

Patience, Steve, patience...


Remember back in the heyday of the Oakland Raiders and whenever they were on TV the running bet was always how many times we would see their owner, Al Davis, onscreen?

Well, apparently his spirit is alive and well and living in the body Chargers' offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. Because for reasons unknow to everyone except the producer of the game, he was onscreen more times than should be allowed by law.

Keep in mind, we're not talking about the Chargers' head coach, we're talking about their offensive coordinator. 

I would love to ask the producer, why? Why did you feel the need to keep showing him onscreen repeatedly during the entire game? 

Are you related to him?

Did you lose a bet?

Are you trying to date his sister?


And yes this is exactly the kind of hard hitting completely inane observation you can only get with the TMA and on Philly2Philly.com.


Holy you-gotta-be-shi$$ing-me Batman, but do you want to take a guess and what the Chargers' success rate on third down was yesterday? 

Go ahead, guess.

I'll wait. 

The San Diego Chargers were successful on ten of their fifteen third down attemps which equates to a 66% success rate.

Are you kidding me?

Oh wait, that's right.

All they needed to do was look across the middle for chances are someone would be wide open just waiting to catch a pass and run footloose and fancy free. 

That is of course, if Philip Rivers could withstand that onslaught of a pass rush from the Eagles. 

Oh wait, there was no pass rush nor any onslaught. 

But hey, how' bout when the Eagles blitzed?

Yeah, same thing Cochise. No rush. No onslaught. No nothing. 


One of the hallmarks of an Andy Reid team was their inability, almost mind-boggling at times, to make second half adjustments. It became so expected during his last 2-3 years that I think we call became numb to it and stopped questionning it in the first place. 

However, that was this and this is Kelly. And I for one, watched quite anxiously to see how Ol' Chipper and staff would adjust from what was by any standard a deplorable first half. 

While I was relieved to see the Eagles' offense, run by Kelly, make adjustments to start the second half including getting the tight end involved in the game (see long pass to rookie TE Zach Ertz.

But where were the defensive adjustments from Eagles' defensive coordinator Billy Davis

I understand his deck is not nearly as full as Kelly's - I get that. But that does not mean you cannot try, TRY to at least do something different. Try a 4-3 look to see if that brings more pressure - or ANY pressure for that matter. I'm not advocating moving back to a 4-3 permanently by any means but try something, anything. How bout' a corner or safety blitz there Bill? I know you did it a few times but try it again, something, anything because blitzing straight up the middle had zero effect.

And by the way, I don't know who's decision it was to bench Vinny Curry for the second straight game, but whomever it was better make the same mistake three games in a row. Not that he will change the outcome of a game by himself, but do you really think he could do any worse? Not a chance.

Chances are he will improve the pass rush. 


*DeSean Jackson's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty... Yeah we're just gonna have live with that with him. He's no rookie anymore but clearly he will get himself in situations where his temper/actions get the better of him. 

*I surely hope all Eagles' fans realize that this game could've been and should've been over by halftime were it not for the Chargers' turmovers.

*Of course having said that, I must also remind everyone of the points the Eagles left on the field when Michael Vick failed to connect with Jackson on at least two surefire TD/long gains in the first half.

*I happen to love Cary Williams' fire and what he brings to the team, but Lord almighty, three interference penalties in one game? As Paul Sorvino said to Ray Liotta in Goodfellas "I can't have this."

*Nate Allen. Do I really need to say anything else? Chip Kelly, in speaking to the media after the game, said "there's no safeties walking the streets right now." That was as clear a shot at Mr. Allen, as you will find and it was essentially Kelly saying "What am I gonna do? I can't fix everything in one year? I'm stuck with this bum."


Fans of the TMA will recognize the name Matt Grace. Matt's my good buddy who pinch hit for yours truly last year when I was unable to complete by TMA duties. He did a great job and will do so again this year should the need arise. 

Matt did such a great job I offered him a regular feature on the TMA - a very sought-after position for sure. 

We're callling if The DG Report - DG standing for DisGraceful. 

Get it? 

Anyway, here's the first DG Report of the 2013-14 season. 

Take it away, Matt...

Welcome to the DG report. Its part report, part award show part Hey You!.  My hope for the DG Report is to give you a snarky, fun loving review of the little things that went on before, during the week of the Birds game. So it chould be good maybe bad but definitely fun. So lets begin with aftermath of the Monday night game.

So Philly has a new Savior in town. Should the Catholic Church be worried about the Chip worship? Disgraceful! Its one week folks. Get back in church people- the Birds will need the prayers.

OK, so borrow a line from Steve O, let's go "rapid fire" mode:

1. Vinny Curry-  this man needs a shot after his great pre season. You cannot tell me Curry is not in the top six defensive linemen on the team. Had no pass rush yesterday,. Disgraceful he did not suit up.

2. San Diego - they actually showed up? How dare they!   They did not get the memo? It was the Chip coronation? Philip Rivers forgot to choke. Overall good game by SD; got to give it to them.

3. Shady, when will you learn to hand the ball back to the ref after a run? You can save .03 seconds from the play clock. Come on. Quickly, Quickly!!

4. Nate Allen plays defense that only a mother can love. How come his best hits are on his own players. Sheesh! Led the team in tackles only because SD picked on him all day. Could be the worst ever (outside of Patrick Chung).

5. Eagles D - When did we become a freeway on ramp? Could not stop a broken down  Winnebago yesterday. Phillip Rivers is a nice quarterback, but the defense is just plain horrible. Peyton Manning in two weeks folks! Where's the Pepcid?

6. The Chipper - Stop with "doing a better job" all ready. Someone should tell you we just heard 14 years of doing a better job and putting players in better positions. Bottom line the team is a 4-12 team and you need better players period.

7. The offense is incredible- Once they are running on all cylinders they will be hard to control. They are going to need it with the Birds' defense. Looks like we are in for bunch of shoot outs. Bet the over folks all season.

8. D Jax has to control his temper- You could say he cost us the game if you want to over look the 500 plus yard the defense gave up. Come on D Jax, play smarter.

9 Micheal Vick - When has an offense been more tailored made for someone? Never should of been a QB competition. Let this start creeping into your head. What about next year? 

10. Time management- Hey Chip, this is not Oregon. You left too much time on the clock for SD. Last one on the field wins Chip. Your offense could be special if you could tamper it down at the end. 

Wow. my head hurts folks. That is  the first edition of The DG Report. I think we saw this week is how the rest of the NFL is going to play the Birds. San Diego slowed the offense down by taking all of the play clock. This will keep Vick and Co off the field and it will keep their defense fresh for later in the game. It is going to be a long season folks. Now go have a good week.

Bring on Big Red! 

And back to Steve O...


So what did Chip Kelly say in his post game press conference that will leave you shaking and pinching yourself, wondering if you're in a bad dream?

It was only five words, but my oh my how those five words still echo in the heart and soul of every Eagles's fan who endured 14 years under one Andrew Reid. For these same five words were repeated often by Big Red, and after all those years, they became as hollow as an empty roll of toilet paper. 

Kelly, in responding to a reporter's query uttered the five words and I nearly drove off the road. 

You ready to be frightened and it's not even Halloween yet?

The five words Kelly used were "gotta do a better job."

I don't even remember the context in which we said them and I don't even care. All I care about is the chill up and down my spine I got upon hearing those God-awful meaningless words of a time gone by.

Obviously time will tell if Kelly et al actually does a better job and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt, don't we?


This is something that happened twice during yesterday's game and everytime it happens this season will make winning that much more problematic. 

What "it" is quite simply Red Zone efficiency. 

See, everytime the Eagles fail to score in the Red Zone and thus settle for a field goal, it puts that much more pressure on their defense - their bend AND break defense. Heck, you can agrue the point the Eagles need to score on EVERY possession, Red Zone or not the way this defense is playing.

But clearly, anytime and everytime the Eagles get into the Red Zone, they must score a touchdown. 

Mark my words: At the end of the year, if their Red Zone efficiency is not very good, neither will be their record. 

Tell me what you think.

Leave a comment or tweet me @steveolenski.

Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.

steve olenski





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