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Denver Broncos breeze past Eagles: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Welcome back to another edition of Patience ‘R Us – your home for preaching patience yet putting absolutely none into practical application.

I told you when the year started, the operative word for the 2013-14 Philadelphia Eagles is “patience,” for this year will surely be a rebuilding one – how could it not be after the dreck a certain coach left us- particularly on one side of the ball?tma logo

And my, wasn’t it just great watching Andy Reid and his Chiefs go to 4-0 behind a great defense? Why can’t I recall the last time a Reid-coached team played so well?

Oh wait, yes I can. It was during the time Jim Johnson was his defensive coordinator with the Eagles.

My message to ALL Kansas City Chiefs fans is this: Enjoy the ride- for it will not last. Oh sure, your Chiefs will more than likely make the playoffs. But rest assured, Big Red will eventually make a crucial mistake (re: time management) or something else that will cost you a game – a big game.

It will happen. Because history says it will.

And just wait until ol’ Andy gets his hands on the personnel. Yes, I know that right now he is “only” the head coach, but that too will pass. For as the wins grow, so too will his power, and he will wield it. Slowly but surely, he will place his stamp on more and more decisions affecting the roster. And when that reality occurs, do yourself a collective favor and start looking back fondly at the good times: for they will be all you have left.

The reason I am spending so much time writing about a former coach is for the simple reason that he is, in fact, the MAIN reason we are in this condition – the condition of having a defense that is barely on life support.

Let’s get to getting and of course following a loss, it’s rapid fire.

*The Eagles’ defense is not very good. There, I said it. I feel better. It was quite cathartic to get that off my chest. Ok, I am just having some fun for anyone over the age of – well pretty much everybody, can see this Eagles defense is just downright deplorable.

And our former (now 4-0 head coach) must shoulder most of the blame. Not that he would care of course, for he doesn’t. I’m sure.

Just remember kids: Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the Eagles’ defense. Photo: USATSI

*Having said that, do you think that someone could possibly tell the Eagles’ defense and Billy Davis (their defensive coordinator) that the Broncos are about to run another wide-receiver or bubble screen? Yes, the game is long over but Peyton and Co. are rumored to still be out to run yet another one of these plays. They figured since they ran it, oh, about seven straight times and the Eagles’ defense never adjusted, they would keep it doing it until they do (adjust).

*Stop picking on the Eagles’ defense, Steve. They cannot help it if they are simply not very good (AKA have no talent).

*What is MOST disconcerting is the fact that the Eagles are supposed to have talent on offense; at least compared to the defense. But where is that talent these days? Where is the offensive line for that matter? And for the love of all things holy, can we please all admit once and for all that Brent Celek is D*O*N*E? Good Lord, how many drops do we have to see this guy make already?

The Eagles drafted a tight end in last year’s draft, Zach Ertz, yet inexplicably remain loyal to Celek. Why?  His drop near the goal line was just another in a growing list of dropped passes over the past 2-3 years. The time has come. Celek’s a good guy and does good things in the community, but enough already.

*Back to the defense for a second. I really did feel bad for them, especially during the third quarter. They were absolutely powerless to stop the Broncos. It was like the bully kicking sand in the face of the scrawny kid on the beach. The bully would kick sand, go into the ocean for a swim, come back and kick some more sand and essentially repeat the process over and over until he got too tired to kick anymore sand.

*And speaking of powerless, how bad has the NFC Least become? Yes, I said Least instead of East because it is clear that division is the least, by far, of any division in the NFL. Jeez, even the freakin’ Browns could beat up on this division.

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The DG Report

Before I turn it over to Matt, I realized I forgot to properly introduce him to all of you – some of you may know him from last year when he pinch hit for me. Regardless, here’s  backstory on my friend Matt Grace:

In addition to be a lifelong Philadelphian, born and raised, he is a also realtor who knows investment properties like Andy Reid knows a buffet. Matt knows the real estate game from being an investor, lender and now a realtor with Keller Williams in Horsham. Matt has a built a team that can help you with all your real estate needs. And he and his team specialize in helping the small business person investment in real estate to help strengthen their retirement funds.

Ok, enough of all that fluff garbage, if you know what I mean.

Onto this week’s DG Report:

Hi folks, welcome to this week’s DG report. We veer off a little and start with a little tour on “The House That Chip Built.” As a Philadelphia-based realtor, my business is real estate. The game is buy low and sell high. Well folks, after Sunday's 52-20 loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, our Philadelphia Eagles are at the lowest. Not since 1972 have the Birds let up 50 or more points. If you must know, the Giants pasted the Birds 60-10 back in 1972.  Ugly!

Well back to today's game. We all had hope, but did anyone really think the Eagles had a chance? The house that Chip built crumbled pretty easily. Sure, the Birds were once within a point, but as we all know, it was just a matter of time before Peyton took control and made the game a blowout (which he did midway through the 3rd quarter).  

Let me put it where I think Chip and the Birds are in terms of real estate. Chip inherited a house in the bad part of town and the house itself is crumbling. The neighborhood is going bad and the neighbors are giving no housewarming gifts to the new owners.  What Chip has to do is to tear down to the foundation and rebuild.

And as we saw today, he has to live and work in this rebuilding environment. As we’ve seen in other NFL cities, some rehabs are just clean and paint. Unfortunately in Philadelphia, this rehab project has to be taken down to the foundation and rebuilt from the ground up.

Here are my numbers from today: “Eagles around 20 vs. Denver over 30.” What are these numbers? These are NFL caliber players playing on each team. Eagles have no more than 20 players that deserve to play on Sundays. As for the Broncos, they have over 30 players that are NFL quality players. So let’s break it down: how can you have a chance when your team roster is at least 10 players short against the team you are playing that day?

Where do these shortcomings become apparent? Special teams, tackling, bad penalties and missed plays. Did you see any of this today? Look hard. There it is. Yes, right there after letting up a 105-yard kickoff return, How about a punt block for a touchdown. Oh it’s right here, see? I am not faulting Dave Fipp's special teams. He is only as good as his players – which really most should not even be on the team.

Chip just can't pick up his house, move it to the nicer area and rebuild in a day. He has to live (compete) in this house. Lucky his block has a couple of other ugly houses (i.e. Giants, Redskins and the Cowboys). Sorry we can't condemn the whole block. But in Chip's house, we need to start with a complete rehab, and we are in for a long winter. New electrical system? Replace Mike Vick. Need to reinforce walls? Get better defensive players. Get the picture. I promise after this rehab we will have the best house on the block.

It may not be this year but soon. Chip Kelly has his hands full. Paging Bob Vila.................Bob Vila photo: www.rl.tv

Back to you, Steve.

*Until Matt mentioned his name, I did not know who the Eagles’ special teams coach is- nor did I care. Like Matt, I am not going to call for his head. No, to me, this speaks to the much larger issue of the aforementioned talent (or lack thereof). The Eagles simply do not have enough of it on their special teams unit as Matt alluded to.

*Something I thought I would never hear- During the game, I believe it was Joe Buck, in reminding us of the score, said the Eagles were “down by 36.” As MQ astutely pointed out, that meant the Birds could’ve rolled off seven- SEVEN unanswered touchdowns and STILL would have been behind. Wow. Now that’s hard to do.

*How refreshing was it to watch a great tackling team? Do you think the Eagles’ defense can watch the game film? Not of the Broncos’ offense, but of the Broncos defense! So they can perhaps pick up a pointer or twenty on how to properly tackle?

I realize I took a lot of shots at the defense and they are too easy of a target. The blame and concern must lie at the feet of the offense. Yes, this is a rebuilding year and yes patience needs to be practiced, but we were led to believe – especially following the Redskins game, that the Eagles’ offense would be high powered.

Well, they’re putting up gaudy statistics alright, but they ain’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard with points to go along with their lofty numbers now are they?

Obviously, the focus in the off-season (yes I am already thinking of the off-season) should be heavily weighted toward the defense. But, the way this season is playing out, perhaps more attention needs to be paid to the offense side, too. Problem is, you can only fix so much in one off-season.

Just keep that in mind…

Tell me what you think.

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Bring some fire in the belly though.

You want to disagree? Fine.

But bring something to the table.

‘Til next time.

As always, time’s yours…. Food’s mine.


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