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Fantasy Football: Top Players To Buy & Sell


There’s about another week left to get your fantasy drafts wrapped up before the NFL season gets going, and that means it’s time to fine-tune your draft strategy if you haven’t done so already. And part of organizing a strong draft is in identifying which top players to trust, and which to steer clear of. So with that in mind, here’s a look at five top players to buy and sell.


Top Players We’re Buying


1. Steven Jackson

Jackson has been a continual fantasy disappointment, but just looking at his skill set and the team’s offense, it seems logical to expect a monster season. Jackson will carry a significant load for a high-powered offense.


2. Wes Welker

Don’t for a second think that Peyton Manning can’t be every bit as dominant with Welker as Brady was for years. The Broncos will have options on offense, but Welker may be the deadliest one. Betfair exchange betting lists Welker with the 6th best odds of leading the NFL in receptions, and that sounds about right.

 Photo: sports-kings.com

3. Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald was a massive disappointment in 2012, but it was by no fault of his own. He flat out, plain and simple didn’t have a QB. That will change this year, and with Carson Palmer throwing passes, Fitzgerald should rebound to top-10 WR status.


4. Dwayne Bowe

Similar to Fitzgerald, Bowe just needed a QB – and got one when Kansas City signed Alex Smith. Bowe isn’t quite in his prime anymore, but he’ll be the #1 target for an Andy Reid offense (which means passing), with a stud QB.


5. Greg Olsen

Some say Olsen is an overrated fantasy TE this season, but for much of last season he was a stud. The fact is, he’s Cam Newton’s second favorite target in Carolina (after Steve Smith), and that means boatloads of production.

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Top Players We’re Selling


1. Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz is still good for big plays, but the Giants’ receiving group is far more dynamic this season. Rueben Randle is expected to emerge, and Hakeem Nicks is back healthy. His opportunities could decrease.


2. Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy is a very promising rookie back, but do we really expect Aaron Rodgers’ offense to run that much? Lacy will be good, not great, in fantasy.


3. Mike Wallace

He’s the best wide receiver on what looks like a competitive Dolphins team, but the fact remains that QB Ryan Tannehill  just isn’t that good yet. Sure, he has a big arm, and Wallace likes to go deep – but this offense could struggle on the whole.

Robert Griffin III photo: nfl.si.com

4. Robert Griffin III

RG3 is just too much of a wild card coming back from injury. The question isn’t whether or not he can play – it’s whether or not he can play with the same explosiveness we got used to in 2012.


5. Chris Ivory

Ivory will be the guy for the Jets in the backfield – but that’s just the thing. These are the Jets. Everything that can go wrong will, and the team looks like a potential disaster.



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RG III photo: nfl.si.com

Fitzgerald photo: sports-kings.com


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