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Eagles vs Saints: Philly2Philly's Playoff Predictions


For the first time in three years, the Philadlephia Eagles have a playoff game, and it's at home! There's been talk all week about this game, so some of us wanted to throw in our two cents and make some predictions.


Joe Vallee


“The Saints offensive line is not a strong as Dallas.’ This will hopefully give the Eagles’ defense a little more time to get to Drew Brees. If they can follow Seattle’s game plan from several weeks back and limit his passing attempts, you can stop the Saints air attack. The Saints’ offense isn’t as good on the road, but their defense plays better away from the Superdome. Like last week’s Eagles game in Dallas, chances are you might see our wide receivers having a hard time getting open.


The Saints’ pass-defense is among the best in the NFL, but they can be shaky against the run. As a result, expect LeSean McCoy to get a nice amount of carries if the Eagles can establish the running game early on. This Eagles team HAS to score consistently and not let up (as they are sometimes prone to do), because if Brees gets into a groove, it could be a long day if they Birds’ offense can’t keep up. Even though the Saints have been playoff tested, these are two evenly matched teams. The Eagles HAVE to play better than they did against Dallas, but I give the Birds a slight edge with the weather. This will NOT be Tampa Bay: Part Deux." Eagles 34, Saints 27

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Ryan Downs


Just two short months ago, the Philadelphia Eagles could only win in cities not named Philadelphia. Local fans were plotting the deconstruction of Lincoln Financial Field. Such home field futility is uncommon in the NFL, and the trend seemed uncanny and concerning.


This past week's hero Brandon Boykin changed all that fortune by making a play on a rainbow toss by RG III. The interception preserved the team's first home win in what seemed like a century, and the Eagles have not lost in a city named Philadelphia since.


This Saturday night will be no different. The Eagles will make it three straight primetime wins by barely outscoring an explosive Saints team led by quarterback Drew Brees and tight end Jimmy Graham. Both will provide trouble for the Eagles defense, but the Eagles will keep the Saints out of the end zone for most of the game. New Orleans has a very underrated defense, as only three teams in the NFL have given up less points during the regular season.


But this is not the regular season anymore. And this is not N'Orleans and their cozy Superdome. It will be cold here, and the elements will be a factor. Nick Foles gained valuable playoff-like experience against Dallas and he is ready to answer the bell. Trent Cole and Connor Barwin will have big games, DeSean Jackson will score, and the man of the hour - Brandon Boykin - will have yet another crucial interception of Brees.


Who Dat? The Saints will be on the clock... Eagles 30, Saints 23.

Matt Goldberg


"Pardon me if I’m a little giddy heading into the Eagles’ first playoff game in three years—and seemingly, the first postseason action for any Philly sports team in a decade. The Philly fan in me is psyched, yet I remain objective and realistic. And realistically…I like the Eagles’ chances. Yes, they have to somehow match up with Drew Brees, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, and a terrific coach (Sean Payton) who together turn average targets into weapons, and make an all-world tight end in Jimmy Graham look, well, like an all-world tight end who is totally unstoppable.


The Eagles, of course, are still in Chip Kelly’s first pro season and Nick Foles has only made a season’s worth of starts in his young career. It says here that the moment will not be too big for either man—even if Foles may be trying to outdo his idol and fellow Westlake High alumni, Brees. On paper, the teams are fairly evenly matched, and now that the Birds have again discovered how to win at home (four straight) and the Saints have lost their last three on the road, this is a great opportunity for the home team to break through with a huge playoff win. Oh, and did I mention that no matter the weather, the Birds now have the best running back in the league—the incredibly elusive Shady McCoy?"  Call it Eagles 33, Saints 27


Steve Olenski

  “The Eagles will win if they get pressure on Drew Brees. If not, Foles & Co. will have to keep pace with the high-powered Saints offense - which they surely are capable of doing."  Eagles 31, Saints 27

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