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Eagles blank Giants - The Morning After


Morning campers,


It is more than obvious that the Eagles need to wear their black uniforms as much as they humanly can the rest of the year. Clearly, that is where their mojo lies. Well, at least their offensive mojo- particularly a certain running back's.


In what is already a bizarre NFL season with the league making as much news off the field as on it, yesterday's Eagles win was par for the strange course.


Even the most die hard Eagles fan never saw this coming, especially with the way the Giants had been playing coming into the game.


And speaking of things no one saw coming, the Dallas Cowboys are 5-1.


Let's get to getting...





In case anyone didn't know Troy Aikman used to play for the Dallas Cowboys. I kid, of course, for most of us already knew that.


But while his playing days are long over, his affinity for that star is still very strong as witnessed by his unabashed love fest he spewed during the Boys win over the Seahawks yesterday.


I readily admit the Cowboys are playing very well right now. However, listening to Mr. Aikman, you would think they cured cancer, solved world hunger and eradicated Ebola, all the while playing with the pigskin.


Ease up a little next time there huh, Troy? We know you're still a Boy at heart.





Was sure nice to have the real LeSean McCoy back wasn't it? Hitting the hole, turning the corners, changing gears, breaking off 10, 12, 15 yard runs and so on.


Of course one game means nothing if it is not continued now is it?





The TD pass to Zach Ertz was the good Nick Foles for sure. The two interceptions was the bad Nick Foles for sure.


The key word here, Nicky, is consistency. If you want to be an elite QB, like we all want you to, you simply must be more consistent.


Fortunately for you, the Giants were in no shape to take advantage of your mistakes.



The St. Louis Cardinals have made four straight NLCS appearances. FOUR.


Mostly with homegrown talent, too. Do you think maybe, just maybe, the Phillies could look at what they're doing? And more importantly, who is doing it, and maybe try and hire someone from this organization to help restore the Phils to prominence?





At halftime, Dan Patrick asked Tony Dungy if the Eagles, defense was this good as they were pitching a shutout.


"I don't think so," said Dungy. "This is all on the Giants."


A few minutes later, we find out that Giants head coach Tom Coughlin told his team that "this wasn't the '85 Bears they were playing."


Hmmmm... that was said at halftime, and by the end of the game, the Giants had exactly ZERO POINTS.


Keep up the good Tony & Tom. Well done.


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Without question, the key play of the game was the dropped TD pass by Giants' WR Victor Cruz. Had he made the catch, the Eagles lead would have been cut to 20-7.


Taking over on downs, the Birds marched 97 yards on the ensuing drive and scored a TD to stretch their lead to 27-0.


That 14-point swing was huge, for momentum would have clearly been on the Giants side.





I don't know the referee's name nor do I care. Doesn't matter. What does matter is that he surely looked flustered on at least two occasions.


First, while announcing a holding penalty, he made the sign for offsides, touching his hands to his hips.


Then, following an Eagles punt, he announced right before the commercial break that it would be "first down Philadelphia."


Maybe it was his first nationally televised prime time game.


Maybe he's just naturally introverted.


Whatever the reason, I just want to tell him that it's ok Mr. Official; we're all right behind you. Just take a deep breath and picture the audience in their underwear next time and you'll do fine.



As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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